What was the impact of Brahma Samaj on India’s awakening?

The Brahma Samaj (One-God society) founded by Raja Rammohun Roy in 1828 was to be a place of common worship.It was the first modern religious reform movement which interpreted the Hindu scriptures and traditions to establish the universality of Hinduism and Brahma Samaj as the convergence of religions.

With the foundation of Brahma Samaj, for the first time in India a place for public cult was established to spread the faith in One God which caused a breech with the traditional Hinduism, but reformed it and gave it a new and universal trait. Brahma Samaj was an Indian theistic Church open to all irrespective of caste, creed and culture. As “One – God Society” it propagated the belief in One God, denounced all forms of idolatry and polytheism. It introduced religious and social reforms that promoted unity and tolerance among various religious denominations.

After the death Rammohun Roy Debendranath Tagore and then Keshub Chunder Sen took up the leadership of the Samaj. Keshub Chunder was an inspiring lecturer, writer and leader who discovered and promoted the harmony of religions. Today the Samaj is known as ‘Sadharan Brahama Samaj’.

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