What is the subject matter of Yajurveda?

Since Yajurveda gives prominence to yagas, there is description of several yagas. It is sufficient to just name them; paurodasha, yajamana, vajapeya, rajasuya, somayaga are some of them. Authoritative commentary on this Veda is written by Sayana, which helps us to understand the significance of yaga. Taithiriya School described these yagas. In addition to this description, it also consists of Ghana paatha just as the Rigveda consists; this was designated in order to simplify the Vedic language, which was complicated at that point of time. Maitrayaneeya School describes ashwamedha yaga in addition to the above mentioned yagas.

The Shukla form also describes all yagas mentioned earlier. In addition, it gives a detailed description of the construction of altar; number of bricks required and shape of the altar. From this Veda, we can understand that everyone is not eligible to perform any and every yaga. There are three chapters, which are devoted to one yaga known as sautramani can be performed by a dethroned king, or a lover of cattle or a person who does not have access to Soma drink.

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