What are the different stages of citta (Citta Bhumi)?

There are five stages of citta called as ‘citta bhumi’.

Ksipta (Restless)

This is the first-stage of citta. In this stage citta is very much distributed and attached with worldly objects. For example, Citta of those intoxicated by the possession of power and money.

Mudha (Torpid)

In this stage, tamas dominates the other two gunas; sattva and rajas. This stage of citta is known as mudha. For example, citta of the intoxicated persons.

Viksipta (Distracted)

This is the third stage of citta where sattva guna dominates the other two gunas. In this stage yoga begins and citta tries to attain god or supreme soul. Due to the sattva dominance, it is found that there is temporary ceasing of the modifications of the citta.

Ekagra (concentrated)

This is the fourth stage of Citta. In this stage, citta is fixed to some object due to the sattva preponderance. It is known as ekagra. For example, the flame of a candle light remains always pointing up without flicking hither and thither.

Niruddha (Restricted)

The fifth and final stage of citta is niruddha. In this stage the impressions remain in the citta after the cession of modifications. This stage is known as yoga. Out of these five stages the last two are very helpful and hence useful in yoga. But the remaining stages are harmful for practicing in yoga and thus, these may be removed by practice.

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