Taoist belief in after life

We do not hear something outstanding about the life after death in Taoism. Some scholars are of the opinion that its doctrines concerning immortality are inadequate. The Chinese people always believed that immortality means physical immortality. The physical immortality means a change into a body which is made of more durable or lighter material than the one we have in normal life. According to this belief, human after death leaves one’s old body as a snake sheds off its old skinand soars off to the spheres of happiness. This physical longevity was achieved both by religious practices such as the observation of commandments, moral conduct, prayer and incantations and physical practices such as diets, medicines, chemicals, breathing methods and gymnastics. Since immortality was taught in terms of physical immortality, so also paradise or heaven was conceived in terms of this world. They are known as “Blessed Islands”. Three such islands are mentioned: Peng-lai, Ying-chou and Fu-sang. Every one was immortal in these islands. The birds and animals were pure white. The palaces and gates are of pure gold and silver. Kun-lun Mountain is also considered as the abode of the immortals.

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