How Mind Follows The Crowd & Self-Knowing

It is 5 o’clock in the morning and time to run away from the crowds of city to a place where the sky meets the earth. My shoes are looking at me and are ready to go out on this beautiful journey. Continue reading “How Mind Follows The Crowd & Self-Knowing”

Gautama Is Not The Buddha

It is important to understand the nature of truth. It will help you to see the fact as it is and to deal with the complex structure of illusions created by mind. I agree on the fact that truth can never be bound by thoughts but it is good to have a healthy discussion about its nature. This discussion will not lead you to enlightenment but it will give you strong logics to deal with the intricacies of mind. Continue reading “Gautama Is Not The Buddha”

Emptiness Is The Essence of Intelligence

She is a beautiful person. Not physical beauty which withers away with time but that eternal beauty which is beyond the limits of time and space. That beauty cannot be explained because thoughts cannot comprehend it. The beauty captured by thoughts is a beauty at personal level. It has no meaning because it totally depends on one’s own interests, likes and ideas. One’s interests and ideas depend on one’s past experiences and future desires and it may change from time to time. Her beauty is a benediction; Continue reading “Emptiness Is The Essence of Intelligence”

Meditation Is A Nuclear Explosion

Foolish are those who are seeking any system for meditation. What kind of system you expect for phenomena like nuclear explosion? Meditation happens exactly like an explosion, unexpectedly, always surprising, in one single moment, immensely powerful and in abundance. You cannot do anything about it; and you expect to go into it step by step. Your thoughts can not capture it. It does not leave even a shadow behind itself so you can analyze. Thought is a very small and fragile part of your consciousness. You can train it, modify it, reprogram it or make it still or disappear. Thought has no power to witness the meditation because meditation is an essence of the totality. In the immense bright light of meditation, all your consciousness goes naked whether it is hidden or open. It is not for those who are coward; want to go into it step by step, systematically, through methods, with the help of theories, with the help of religions, philosophies, seek assurance and logic.

A Cup of Tea Contains The Immeasurable

We can put this phenomena in a different way. The objects exist there already. The mind has no way to identify the objects other than measurements. Measurement is not related to the existence of an object but has a deep relation to identification of objects. Continue reading “A Cup of Tea Contains The Immeasurable”


There are so many things which are necessary to understand and discuss but before going into them we must understand the concept of thought. Without knowing what thought is, it is impossible to understand other concepts, it is impossible to understand the reality. This will become a long series of posts in which we will discuss about Thoughts, Love, God, Intelligence, Enlightenment, Meditation, Reality, Truth, Illusions, validity of Me and Mine and all other concepts. Continue reading “Thoughts”