How Mind Follows The Crowd & Self-Knowing

It is 5 o’clock in the morning and time to run away from the crowds of city to a place where the sky meets the earth. My shoes are looking at me and are ready to go out on this beautiful journey. Continue reading “How Mind Follows The Crowd & Self-Knowing”

The Death of a Thinker

Mind is a slave of its own. Mind creates different kinds of desires and follows them. Mind creates an ideal image for oneself and pursues that all the time. Mind has so much power. Mind created God and Devil; mind created Hell and Heaven. Continue reading “The Death of a Thinker”

Have We Accepted War As a Way of Life?

This article is a discussion about the way of living. It does not matter that how should we live, but what matters is how are we living. “Should” is just an idea. So ignore this superficiality of ideas and concepts. Let us find out that what actually exist. A writer should create an environment, an outline of the thought which he wants to share with the reader. But for this discussion everything is so much clear and I don’t think it is necessary to make an outline. Continue reading “Have We Accepted War As a Way of Life?”