How Mind Follows The Crowd & Self-Knowing

It is 5 o’clock in the morning and time to run away from the crowds of city to a place where the sky meets the earth. My shoes are looking at me and are ready to go out on this beautiful journey. Continue reading “How Mind Follows The Crowd & Self-Knowing”

The Key to Self-Knowing

It was a beautiful morning. It was just like as it should be. Seeking perfection in nature is an insanity and violence of human mind but looking at it as it is, is a virtue. This morning a person came to meet me. She was a member of some kind of religious organization. She introduced herself as a sannyasi and explained that she had renounced the world and all its comforts, pleasures and wealth. She told me about her organization and its activities. She said that she was struggling to bring about a different kind of future; a future which is much better than present in all aspects. She was gentle calm and peaceful. Her words were poetic as she was really good in playing with words and their meanings. All her words were to convince me on a few particular ideas about life which she had learned from her organization. Continue reading “The Key to Self-Knowing”

Problems In Self-Analysation

A friend has asked me a question that what is the best method to analyse the content of mind. This is really an interesting question to discuss about but I want to approach it in a new way. I want to ask that is it possible to analyse the content of mind. Can one analyse one’s mind with all its content? Is it possible or not? Its possibility will lead us to the next step. Continue reading “Problems In Self-Analysation”