Dhammapada – The Song Of Buddha

Just other day I was reading some translations in English of Dhammapada. Dhammapada has 423 verses originally spoken by Buddha himself. Buddha has a great quality of love and compassion in His heart. He has a fragrance of wisdom, music of silence. But I found that those translations really ugly. There was nothing in them which was divine.  While reading them, I was feeling like I am reading Chemistry or a Mathematics book. The language used for translation was really tough. Authors have written these translations only to prove their knowledge about Buddhism. Dhammapada is a divine song of Buddha. I did not found any quality of Buddha in those translations. Continue reading “Dhammapada – The Song Of Buddha”

First Step Towards Meditation

Recently I received this email from a visitor. I want to share this with all of you.


Respected master, I am doing meditation since 3 years, but it is not helping me. I can’t see any change in my being or in my existence. What should I do now? Please advise me only if you know.

– Joseph Brook Continue reading “First Step Towards Meditation”

Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha is one of the purest beings who have ever lived on this earth. He is the rarest phenomenon. Buddha is a scientist of inner world. He is absolutely a rationalist. His approach is purely logical, He convinces the mind. You cannot find any mistake in Him. He himself is the proof of what He is saying. Continue reading “Gautam Buddha”