Few Terms Used in Indian Philosophy for Reality

What is the nature of reality in Indian context? Before going into this question we must understand what reality is. This is the most difficult question to answer and most important too. Continue reading “Few Terms Used in Indian Philosophy for Reality”

Why Einstein Was a Genius?

Yesterday, I was watching a program named “Ancient Aliens” on History channel. This program was an inquiry into the reason of intelligence of history’s great minds like Albert Einstein, Socrates, Ramanuja and others. The major focus of program was about Einstein’s brain. Continue reading “Why Einstein Was a Genius?”

Meditation Has No Choice

Meditation and concentration are two different things. Not just different but almost opposite. Meditation is awareness. One cannot use the word “awareness about”, but just “awareness”. Because the word “about” is a kind of reference, a reference to something else. If there is any reference, any object or any thought to your awareness, it means your awareness is limited. A limited awareness is just a form of concentration, not meditation. In limited awareness there must be a choice, but meditation has no choice. Continue reading “Meditation Has No Choice”

A Cup of Tea Contains The Immeasurable

We can put this phenomena in a different way. The objects exist there already. The mind has no way to identify the objects other than measurements. Measurement is not related to the existence of an object but has a deep relation to identification of objects. Continue reading “A Cup of Tea Contains The Immeasurable”