Problems Are Not Problems

I got an invitation from a friend to take part in a discussion. The discussion is about Buddha’s birthplace. I don’t know why everyone wants to argue about this matter. Many intellectuals will gather in this discussion and will put their opinions and logic to decide something. I wonder why they waste time in this kind of stupidity. I want to ask simply, is this related to fundamental problems of man? One cannot find anything out of these kinds of discussions. We are living in a world which is full of problems. We face so many problems in our daily life, in every minute. Our life has become a complete disorder and we are crossing all the limits of insanity. Can one find out the solution of our fundamental problems out of these discussions? The answer is no; absolutely no. Continue reading “Problems Are Not Problems”

Problem of Expression

Words are not able to explain anything. One can see a river. One can see the river with one’s whole heart. One can use thousands and thousands words to explain the river. One can create poems about the river, beautiful songs about the river. But all those poems & songs are only a collection of dead words. River is totally different thing. River is flowing, moving, vital, living, wandering in many directions, full of energy but words are only a collection of alphabets. River is not the words. Continue reading “Problem of Expression”