Philosophy, Darshana & Tattva

In Indian context, philosophy is considered as darshana or tattva. Before going into Indian philosophy we must understand the relation between the words philosophy, darshana and tattva; and discuss about how the meaning of these words correlates with each other. Continue reading “Philosophy, Darshana & Tattva”

Herodotus appears to have been the first to use the verb “to philosophize”

I was reading a book “An Introduction to Philosophy by George Stuart Fullerton”. The author explains in this book that how the Greek historian Herodotus had used the verb “to philosophize” in his book where Solon meets Croesus. Continue reading “Herodotus appears to have been the first to use the verb “to philosophize””

How Mind Follows The Crowd & Self-Knowing

It is 5 o’clock in the morning and time to run away from the crowds of city to a place where the sky meets the earth. My shoes are looking at me and are ready to go out on this beautiful journey. Continue reading “How Mind Follows The Crowd & Self-Knowing”

The Death of a Thinker

Mind is a slave of its own. Mind creates different kinds of desires and follows them. Mind creates an ideal image for oneself and pursues that all the time. Mind has so much power. Mind created God and Devil; mind created Hell and Heaven. Continue reading “The Death of a Thinker”

The Key to Self-Knowing

It was a beautiful morning. It was just like as it should be. Seeking perfection in nature is an insanity and violence of human mind but looking at it as it is, is a virtue. This morning a person came to meet me. She was a member of some kind of religious organization. She introduced herself as a sannyasi and explained that she had renounced the world and all its comforts, pleasures and wealth. She told me about her organization and its activities. She said that she was struggling to bring about a different kind of future; a future which is much better than present in all aspects. She was gentle calm and peaceful. Her words were poetic as she was really good in playing with words and their meanings. All her words were to convince me on a few particular ideas about life which she had learned from her organization. Continue reading “The Key to Self-Knowing”

Gautama Is Not The Buddha

It is important to understand the nature of truth. It will help you to see the fact as it is and to deal with the complex structure of illusions created by mind. I agree on the fact that truth can never be bound by thoughts but it is good to have a healthy discussion about its nature. This discussion will not lead you to enlightenment but it will give you strong logics to deal with the intricacies of mind. Continue reading “Gautama Is Not The Buddha”

Sub-fields of Philosophy

In previous article (What Is Philosophy?), I tried to make a relation between you and this weird subject. But I did not give any special definition for Philosophy. Actually, defining philosophy is also a philosophical problem itself because Philosophy is a subject of unlimited ideas and unlimited issues. If you want to understand what Philosophy is then you have to understand its wide range of ideas, issues, methods, dimensions and its relation with other disciplines. Yes, philosophy is connected with each and every discipline directly or indirectly. Philosophy pursues questions and provides methods to answer those questions in every field of study. It is a critical way of thinking, establishes standards, resolves conflicts, evaluates ideas, and examines concepts. It is a large task. So, it will easy to understand Philosophy in parts. Here parts mean subfields of Philosophy. Continue reading “Sub-fields of Philosophy”

What Is Philosophy?

Philosophy is a very common word. Everyone uses it in daily life. But do you know the meaning of this word. In simple terms Philosophy is a study of general and fundamental problems. Problems those are connected with existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language etc. This is a very common definition for philosophy but philosophy is a really wide subject. It covers almost everything. Defining it in a few simple words it not a good thing to do because a definition cannot make a connection between you and philosophy. Continue reading “What Is Philosophy?”


Q: Please tell me about reincarnation. Whether it is a reality or not? I am confused about it.

-Olivia Wilson

A: Your question is not just your question. Almost everybody thinks in this way. Now I want to know that what my answer will give you. My answer will be just a belief for you. Your knowing should be your own experience. If your knowledge is based upon experience of other people, it will bring no change in you. It will be of no use. Continue reading “Reincarnation”