Gautama Is Not The Buddha

It is important to understand the nature of truth. It will help you to see the fact as it is and to deal with the complex structure of illusions created by mind. I agree on the fact that truth can never be bound by thoughts but it is good to have a healthy discussion about its nature. This discussion will not lead you to enlightenment but it will give you strong logics to deal with the intricacies of mind. Continue reading “Gautama Is Not The Buddha”

Meditation Is A Nuclear Explosion

Foolish are those who are seeking any system for meditation. What kind of system you expect for phenomena like nuclear explosion? Meditation happens exactly like an explosion, unexpectedly, always surprising, in one single moment, immensely powerful and in abundance. You cannot do anything about it; and you expect to go into it step by step. Your thoughts can not capture it. It does not leave even a shadow behind itself so you can analyze. Thought is a very small and fragile part of your consciousness. You can train it, modify it, reprogram it or make it still or disappear. Thought has no power to witness the meditation because meditation is an essence of the totality. In the immense bright light of meditation, all your consciousness goes naked whether it is hidden or open. It is not for those who are coward; want to go into it step by step, systematically, through methods, with the help of theories, with the help of religions, philosophies, seek assurance and logic.

Blue Meditation

Meditation is not a deal of knowledge. One can collect knowledge but not meditation. So there are no levels like beginner, intermediate, advanced etc. in meditation. There are just states; it is meditation or it is not. Meditation cannot be collected; it means there is nothing to achieve in it. It is always new due to its non-collective nature. It is as new that one cannot practice it. Practice indicates adding more and more every day to something. In meditation, everything is there and after meditation nothing left behind. So there is nothing to practice and nothing to add more. It is always fresh, always a new beginning without the interference of past; so is sacred and pure.

Meditation Has No Choice

Meditation and concentration are two different things. Not just different but almost opposite. Meditation is awareness. One cannot use the word “awareness about”, but just “awareness”. Because the word “about” is a kind of reference, a reference to something else. If there is any reference, any object or any thought to your awareness, it means your awareness is limited. A limited awareness is just a form of concentration, not meditation. In limited awareness there must be a choice, but meditation has no choice. Continue reading “Meditation Has No Choice”

Is Meditation An Escape?

September 7, 2012 Pain

The pain is so much intense and wandering through all the veins of brain. It is almost unbearable. One is looking at this pain without the feeling to resist or surrender to it. The movement is so much strong and intense. One can see the strange vastness of this movement. Thoughts are not recording this because it is not coming under these ordinary senses. Continue reading “Is Meditation An Escape?”

Meditation Has No Method

She told me that she does Vipassana meditation. These words are strange. There are so many things we should understand about meditation. Is meditation an act? Act means a kind of process or method. A method in which we have to do something. And why there are so many types and names of meditation? Continue reading “Meditation Has No Method”

First Step Towards Meditation

Recently I received this email from a visitor. I want to share this with all of you.


Respected master, I am doing meditation since 3 years, but it is not helping me. I can’t see any change in my being or in my existence. What should I do now? Please advise me only if you know.

– Joseph Brook Continue reading “First Step Towards Meditation”

Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha is one of the purest beings who have ever lived on this earth. He is the rarest phenomenon. Buddha is a scientist of inner world. He is absolutely a rationalist. His approach is purely logical, He convinces the mind. You cannot find any mistake in Him. He himself is the proof of what He is saying. Continue reading “Gautam Buddha”