The Validity of Questions

The pain is going on in one’s brain. It is more intense on the right side of head. Almost one inch under the surface. It is not static but rather a movement. It is not lying there but moving back and forth in a subtle path. Mind is leaving the individual identity and entering into a new dimension. A new dimension which is not a part of particular mind but a universal mind. A dimension which is not put together by thoughts but already exists there. Continue reading “The Validity of Questions”

Sub-fields of Philosophy

In previous article (What Is Philosophy?), I tried to make a relation between you and this weird subject. But I did not give any special definition for Philosophy. Actually, defining philosophy is also a philosophical problem itself because Philosophy is a subject of unlimited ideas and unlimited issues. If you want to understand what Philosophy is then you have to understand its wide range of ideas, issues, methods, dimensions and its relation with other disciplines. Yes, philosophy is connected with each and every discipline directly or indirectly. Philosophy pursues questions and provides methods to answer those questions in every field of study. It is a critical way of thinking, establishes standards, resolves conflicts, evaluates ideas, and examines concepts. It is a large task. So, it will easy to understand Philosophy in parts. Here parts mean subfields of Philosophy. Continue reading “Sub-fields of Philosophy”