A Simple View on Knowledge in Indian Tradition

Let me start this discussion on a view that every man wants to obtain knowledge. Yes, animals too have this quality but ability of man to acquire knowledge is far beyond all expectations.

What is the motive of man to acquire knowledge? What is the concept of knowledge for man? The motive and concept of knowledge can be different from man to man; so it can Continue reading “A Simple View on Knowledge in Indian Tradition”


There are so many things which are necessary to understand and discuss but before going into them we must understand the concept of thought. Without knowing what thought is, it is impossible to understand other concepts, it is impossible to understand the reality. This will become a long series of posts in which we will discuss about Thoughts, Love, God, Intelligence, Enlightenment, Meditation, Reality, Truth, Illusions, validity of Me and Mine and all other concepts. Continue reading “Thoughts”