Read More Books With iPhone

Want to read more books everyday? Just follow this simple method.

Want to read more books everyday? Just follow this.

  1. Install Kindle app on your iPhone.
  2. Open Settings < General < Accessibility < Speech and just turn on “Speak Screen” option on your iPhone.
  3. Now open your favorite book on Kindle app and swipe two finger from top to down on screen. iPhone will start reading the book for you.

Bonus Points:

  1. You can read any article, email or anything which is on screen, with this method.
  2. You can lock your screen while listening to your favorite book.
  3. It also has option to control reading speed, voice selection and highlight content.
  4. It can read English, Hindi and many other languages automatically.

Now just plug your earphones… lie down… close your eyes… and listen your books with ease. Enjoy.

A Romantic Affair With Words

…and next time, when you wish to say those three magical words to someone you love, try paper and pen instead of Email or Facebook…

It is so much beautiful to write your thoughts on a paper. It is like materialization of thoughts into hard and subtle forms. There are millions of thoughts in our mind and we choose a few of them to share. Continue reading “A Romantic Affair With Words”