The Key to Self-Knowing

It was a beautiful morning. It was just like as it should be. Seeking perfection in nature is an insanity and violence of human mind but looking at it as it is, is a virtue. This morning a person came to meet me. She was a member of some kind of religious organization. She introduced herself as a sannyasi and explained that she had renounced the world and all its comforts, pleasures and wealth. She told me about her organization and its activities. She said that she was struggling to bring about a different kind of future; a future which is much better than present in all aspects. She was gentle calm and peaceful. Her words were poetic as she was really good in playing with words and their meanings. All her words were to convince me on a few particular ideas about life which she had learned from her organization. Continue reading “The Key to Self-Knowing”


Q: Please tell me about reincarnation. Whether it is a reality or not? I am confused about it.

-Olivia Wilson

A: Your question is not just your question. Almost everybody thinks in this way. Now I want to know that what my answer will give you. My answer will be just a belief for you. Your knowing should be your own experience. If your knowledge is based upon experience of other people, it will bring no change in you. It will be of no use. Continue reading “Reincarnation”

The Buddha’s Teachings

The Buddha has passed away but His teachings still exist in its purity. The collection of Buddha’s teachings is called “The Dhamma”. In English the word “Doctrine” is used for the word “Dhamma”.

Dhamma (Doctrine) is compiled in the form of “Pali Tipitaka”.

Tipitaka is not written by Buddha Himself. There is no written record of Buddha’s teachings by Himself. But the disciples of the Buddha preserved these teachings by committing to memory and written efforts. Continue reading “The Buddha’s Teachings”

What Is Love?

Love. This is one of the most beautiful words on earth. Just by thinking about this word, I feel kindness, compassion and happiness in my heart. But in today’s time so many people say that “Love hurts”. Most of the people say that “Love gives only misery”. People advise not to love. They say that, the more a person love the more he suffers. But it is not true. Continue reading “What Is Love?”

Hatred Is Overcome Only Through Love

Dhammapada Verse 5

idha verena verani kudacanam na hi sammanti

averena ca sammanti esa sanantano dhammo

In this world hate never yet dispelled hate. Only love dispels hate. This is the law. Ancient and inexhaustible law. Continue reading “Hatred Is Overcome Only Through Love”

Hatered Leads To Harm & Overcoming Hatred

Dhammapada Verse 3

mam akkocchi mam avadhi mam ajini me ahasi

ye tam upanayhanti tesam veram na sammati

Look how he abused me and beat me. How he threw me down and robbed me. Live with such thoughts and you live in Hate. Continue reading “Hatered Leads To Harm & Overcoming Hatred”