Hatred Is Overcome Only Through Love

Dhammapada Verse 5

idha verena verani kudacanam na hi sammanti

averena ca sammanti esa sanantano dhammo

In this world hate never yet dispelled hate. Only love dispels hate. This is the law. Ancient and inexhaustible law. Continue reading “Hatred Is Overcome Only Through Love”

Hatered Leads To Harm & Overcoming Hatred

Dhammapada Verse 3

mam akkocchi mam avadhi mam ajini me ahasi

ye tam upanayhanti tesam veram na sammati

Look how he abused me and beat me. How he threw me down and robbed me. Live with such thoughts and you live in Hate. Continue reading “Hatered Leads To Harm & Overcoming Hatred”

Dhammapada – The Song Of Buddha

Just other day I was reading some translations in English of Dhammapada. Dhammapada has 423 verses originally spoken by Buddha himself. Buddha has a great quality of love and compassion in His heart. He has a fragrance of wisdom, music of silence. But I found that those translations really ugly. There was nothing in them which was divine.  While reading them, I was feeling like I am reading Chemistry or a Mathematics book. The language used for translation was really tough. Authors have written these translations only to prove their knowledge about Buddhism. Dhammapada is a divine song of Buddha. I did not found any quality of Buddha in those translations. Continue reading “Dhammapada – The Song Of Buddha”