Dhammapada – The Song Of Buddha

Just other day I was reading some translations in English of Dhammapada. Dhammapada has 423 verses originally spoken by Buddha himself. Buddha has a great quality of love and compassion in His heart. He has a fragrance of wisdom, music of silence. But I found that those translations really ugly. There was nothing in them which was divine.  While reading them, I was feeling like I am reading Chemistry or a Mathematics book. The language used for translation was really tough. Authors have written these translations only to prove their knowledge about Buddhism. Dhammapada is a divine song of Buddha. I did not found any quality of Buddha in those translations. Continue reading “Dhammapada – The Song Of Buddha”

Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha is one of the purest beings who have ever lived on this earth. He is the rarest phenomenon. Buddha is a scientist of inner world. He is absolutely a rationalist. His approach is purely logical, He convinces the mind. You cannot find any mistake in Him. He himself is the proof of what He is saying. Continue reading “Gautam Buddha”