Emptiness Is The Essence of Intelligence

She is a beautiful person. Not physical beauty which withers away with time but that eternal beauty which is beyond the limits of time and space. That beauty cannot be explained because thoughts cannot comprehend it. The beauty captured by thoughts is a beauty at personal level. It has no meaning because it totally depends on one’s own interests, likes and ideas. One’s interests and ideas depend on one’s past experiences and future desires and it may change from time to time. Her beauty is a benediction; Continue reading “Emptiness Is The Essence of Intelligence”

Is Meditation An Escape?

September 7, 2012 Pain

The pain is so much intense and wandering through all the veins of brain. It is almost unbearable. One is looking at this pain without the feeling to resist or surrender to it. The movement is so much strong and intense. One can see the strange vastness of this movement. Thoughts are not recording this because it is not coming under these ordinary senses. Continue reading “Is Meditation An Escape?”

Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha is one of the purest beings who have ever lived on this earth. He is the rarest phenomenon. Buddha is a scientist of inner world. He is absolutely a rationalist. His approach is purely logical, He convinces the mind. You cannot find any mistake in Him. He himself is the proof of what He is saying. Continue reading “Gautam Buddha”