Shaiva Siddhanta

Saiva Siddhanta is a system of philosophy developed in Tamil Sìaivites, based on the Saiva agamas, upanisads, 12 Tirumurais and 14 Meikanta Sastras. Siddhanta literally means the established conclusion. Saiva Siddha?nta is claimed to be a conclusive philosophy of all those who worship Lord Siva. This philosophical system has been very popular in South India. Sìaiva Siddhanta is called Agamanta, the conclusion of the agamas. Though it is the outcome of Agamic tradition, it never rejects the Vedic tradition. The Vedas are held to be the general source. The Agamas form the special source for this system. Sìaiva Siddha?nta is a theistic philosophy, containing both philosophy and religion. As a pluralistic realism it accepts three eternal realities. As any other philosophical system, it sought to determine the relations of God, matter and the soul. It declared that matter and souls were, like God, eternal. The Absolute through its ‘graceform’ is forever engaged in the rescue of souls from the bondage of matter and the three stains (malas) which defile their purity. God is not identical with soul or the universe. He is not their substance but dwells in them and they in Him. Advaita is not Oneness, but inseparability. Guru or the teacher let the light of enlightenment, although Sìiva is the source of all enlightenment, sole embodiment of intelligence and grace.

(Source: BPY005/Block 2/Unit 5/Page 60)

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