Karma is one of the most important doctrines of Buddhism. The word Karma means deeds’ or in singular ‘action’. The word Karma covers two distinct ideas, namely, the deed itself and the effects of that deed in modifying the subsequent character and fortunes of the doer. The Buddhists say that their subjective effect continues after death into the next life. Karma expresses not that which a man inherits from his ancestors but that which he inherits from himself in some previous state of existence.

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  1. YOUR ANSWER FOR KARMA IS ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT… atleast you would have written the types of KARMA… such as AKARMA, VIKARMA, SAKAMA KARMA, NISKAMA KARMA etc…..

    all the explanation re incomplete…. you got misguided and you are misguiding others too

    1. Hello friend, this writing is a part of philosophy assignment and bound by limitation of words and study material provided by university.

      This is an answer for 5 marks and written almost same as given in study material.

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