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The official website to download IGNOU study material is, but this website has not been working for a long time. Every time I try to open this website, it shows just a blank page. This is a big problem for all the IGNOU students.

So, students are trying to find study material on other websites. Yes, there are many sites who claim to provide IGNOU study material, but almost all sites are fake.

So I am sharing philosophy study material to help those students.

Please visit this link: IGNOU Philosophy Study Material

IGNOU Philosophy Solved Assignments 2015-16

  • BPY-001 Indian Philosophy (Link)
  • BPY-002 Logic – Classical and Symbolic Logic (Link)
  • BPY-003 Ancient and Medieval Western Philosophy (Link)
  • BPY-004 Religions of the World (Link)
  • BPY-005 Indian Philosophy Part 2 (Link)

IGNOU Philosophy Solved Assignments 2016-17

  • Click here for all available assignments for 2017 (Link)
  • BPY005 Indian Philosophy Part 2 (Link)
  • BPY008 Modern Western Philosophy (Link)

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16 thoughts on “Philosophy”

  1. Thanks a lot. Really. Sharing is caring indeed. By the way, I would like to bring to your attention that the material MPYE-003 Epistemology has the wrong material uploaded for Block 1. Kindly look into this. Thank you once again.

  2. I was going to study Philosophy as I find it intriguing.I made a big mistake in my life not knowing what to study or what I really wanted.My science teacher inspired me so I studied life science.Needless to say I was so demotivated later in my life that I wanted to quit life science the subject I graduated with .I stumbled upon philosophy and psychology as I was preparing for my science project and I couldn’t believe it had my attention and perhaps it will for the rest of my life.But then I am already preparing for UPSC Civil service exam as I am almost half way through my life and won’t be possible to start over.Doing a MA course now will only delay and waste my time but I was and I am still so tempted to study Philosophy.I just saw your site and that solved my problem.I really wouldn’t have to waste my time doing MA but I can study your materials and still enjoy Philosophy as much as you do.

    Too many vocabulary I am almost lost,this is just to say you did fantastic job and I will follow your website on anything Philosophy or Psychology related.Good job my friend.

  3. Dear Vikas can you post am philosophy assignments as 30th is the lat day and yet I had not able to complete it I am in a great dilema and not getting much from the text the exact answers required if you can help me out it would be great help


  4. hello sir
    i am preparing for upsc cse and my optional is philosophy there so i want to know which subjects should i choose in ignou ma philosophy so that syllabus may overlap
    please reply as early as possible because admission will be closed after sometime at ignou…

  5. Hi Vikas Dhavaria, I really appreciate you for helping the students of IGNOU Philosophy. People like me who are working and get no time to study really find helpful. And I humbly request you to help us this time too by providing the solved assignment for BA Philosophy 2nd year, 2017. Thank you so much!

    Please send me the copies of it to my email:

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