Explain the Pythagorean concept of soul.

Pythagoreans saw the human soul as the life spirit which endures after the death of its first body and may take it abode subsequently in another human or animal body. This theory of metempsychosis or transmigration of souls is ethically significant since it provides for the rewarding of good action and the punishment of evil in these subsequent reincarnations. He taught silence, music, and mathematics to soften the soul. We are not sure all these teachings are coming from Pythagoras or his followers, Pythagoreans. Diogenes Laertius tells us of a poem of Xenophanes, in which Pythagoras told to stop beating a dog, seeing somebody beating it, because he had recognized the voice of a friend in the yelping of that dog. It strengthens the teachings of metempsychosis. Thus, they give importance to soul not to body. That is why they give soul purification and soul training in their life. It is said that it maybe due to he influence of Orphicism which was indeed a religion rather than a philosophy though it tends towards pantheism. It was also away of life not mere cosmological speculation. In this regard Pythagoreans inherited something from Orphicism.

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