Explain the doctrine of Anekanta Vada.

Anekanta vada is one of the most important and fundamental doctrines of Jainism given by Mahavira, the last tirthankara. It refers to the principles of pluralism and multiplicity of viewpoints, or vantage points, the notion that reality is perceived differently from diverse points of view, and that no single point of view is the complete truth, yet taken together they comprise the complete truth. It says that reality can be viewed from many (aneka) standpoints (anta). At least seven standpoints (saptabhangi) can be used to describe a thing. And all can be equally true. This is truly a Catholic outlook towards life. It is indeed an intellectual non-violence, implies respect for other views. It contributes to the tolerance of contrary opinions among different schools of thought. It has a special relevance for a multi religious society like ours.

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