Discuss the vaisesika concept of liberation

The Vaisesika believes that human beings are in ‘bondage’ because of their ignorance and they can be liberated from bondage by using and applying their knowledge. In short, bondage is due to ignorance and ‘liberation is due to knowledge. Bondage and liberation are caused by our actions. In this regard, Vaisesika expresses that the soul performs actions. Due to ignorance, actions those are performed by soul are judged as good or bad. If actions are in conformity with the Veda’s injunctions, then they are treated as good, and if they are prohibited by the Veda’s injunction, then they are treated as bad. Good actions and bad actions are resulted by the soul due to our karmic influx. Karmic influx states that every action has its own fruits or results. Hence, good actions resulted good fruits and bad actions resulted bad fruits. These rules are prescribed in the doctrine law of karma.

Liberation is the cessation of all sufferings, passions, inclinations, desires, together with pain, pleasures, and all qualities. It is the stage, where one can acquire freedom from pain, pleasure, sorrow, suffering, enjoyment and joy. It is pure, quality less, indeterminate, and realizable. In the case of liberation, the liberated soul exists as a substance devoid of all qualities, including consciousness. Thus, the liberated soul is unwarranted.

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