A Romantic Affair With Words

…and next time, when you wish to say those three magical words to someone you love, try paper and pen instead of Email or Facebook…

It is so much beautiful to write your thoughts on a paper. It is like materialization of thoughts into hard and subtle forms. There are millions of thoughts in our mind and we choose a few of them to share. Continue reading “A Romantic Affair With Words”

The Death of a Thinker

Mind is a slave of its own. Mind creates different kinds of desires and follows them. Mind creates an ideal image for oneself and pursues that all the time. Mind has so much power. Mind created God and Devil; mind created Hell and Heaven. Continue reading “The Death of a Thinker”

The Key to Self-Knowing

It was a beautiful morning. It was just like as it should be. Seeking perfection in nature is an insanity and violence of human mind but looking at it as it is, is a virtue. This morning a person came to meet me. She was a member of some kind of religious organization. She introduced herself as a sannyasi and explained that she had renounced the world and all its comforts, pleasures and wealth. She told me about her organization and its activities. She said that she was struggling to bring about a different kind of future; a future which is much better than present in all aspects. She was gentle calm and peaceful. Her words were poetic as she was really good in playing with words and their meanings. All her words were to convince me on a few particular ideas about life which she had learned from her organization. Continue reading “The Key to Self-Knowing”

Sick by Shel Silverstein – A Beautiful Poem

One wakes up in the middle of the night. It is so quite and magnificent. The mind is so much alert; but not able to sleep. It has been a very long and suffocating day. One is so much tired and restless that everything is looks like a complication. It is good to read something which has no logic to understand the logic of oneself. One finds a poem on internet. It is a benediction to find something when it needs the most. Continue reading “Sick by Shel Silverstein – A Beautiful Poem”

Gautama Is Not The Buddha

It is important to understand the nature of truth. It will help you to see the fact as it is and to deal with the complex structure of illusions created by mind. I agree on the fact that truth can never be bound by thoughts but it is good to have a healthy discussion about its nature. This discussion will not lead you to enlightenment but it will give you strong logics to deal with the intricacies of mind. Continue reading “Gautama Is Not The Buddha”

Emptiness Is The Essence of Intelligence

She is a beautiful person. Not physical beauty which withers away with time but that eternal beauty which is beyond the limits of time and space. That beauty cannot be explained because thoughts cannot comprehend it. The beauty captured by thoughts is a beauty at personal level. It has no meaning because it totally depends on one’s own interests, likes and ideas. One’s interests and ideas depend on one’s past experiences and future desires and it may change from time to time. Her beauty is a benediction; Continue reading “Emptiness Is The Essence of Intelligence”

Meditation Is A Nuclear Explosion

Foolish are those who are seeking any system for meditation. What kind of system you expect for phenomena like nuclear explosion? Meditation happens exactly like an explosion, unexpectedly, always surprising, in one single moment, immensely powerful and in abundance. You cannot do anything about it; and you expect to go into it step by step. Your thoughts can not capture it. It does not leave even a shadow behind itself so you can analyze. Thought is a very small and fragile part of your consciousness. You can train it, modify it, reprogram it or make it still or disappear. Thought has no power to witness the meditation because meditation is an essence of the totality. In the immense bright light of meditation, all your consciousness goes naked whether it is hidden or open. It is not for those who are coward; want to go into it step by step, systematically, through methods, with the help of theories, with the help of religions, philosophies, seek assurance and logic.

Blue Meditation

Meditation is not a deal of knowledge. One can collect knowledge but not meditation. So there are no levels like beginner, intermediate, advanced etc. in meditation. There are just states; it is meditation or it is not. Meditation cannot be collected; it means there is nothing to achieve in it. It is always new due to its non-collective nature. It is as new that one cannot practice it. Practice indicates adding more and more every day to something. In meditation, everything is there and after meditation nothing left behind. So there is nothing to practice and nothing to add more. It is always fresh, always a new beginning without the interference of past; so is sacred and pure.

Can You See Your Face In Mirror?

Eyes are so much limited to see the things as they are in a whole. Eyes cannot see anything completely without memory. Can you see your face in the mirror? Eyes can see only a single fragment in one time. You can see your nose, ear, lip and all the rest one by one but you cannot see your face. Face is not parts of face. Face is a whole thing. Continue reading “Can You See Your Face In Mirror?”

Benediction of Colorless Morning

One woke up early today. It was a strange time. Everything was so much silent and still. Air was not in the movement but it was fresh and pure. The sun was below the horizon and darkness was everywhere. This darkness was not ordinary but a mix of black, gray and white colors. Trees were still, colorless, emerging fog from their leaves. The color of fog was immensely white and watching it in that strange darkness was a benediction. One has seen this earth many times but without colors it was totally different. Continue reading “Benediction of Colorless Morning”