Back to the Vedas

Dayananda Saraswati (1825-1888) was one of the most radical religious reformers of modern India who initiated a number of reform movements with the slogan “Back to the Vedas”. He devoted his whole life for the revival of Vedic Hinduism. Dayananda was a sannyasi who believed in the infallibility of the Vedas and cherished a very peculiar interpretation of the Vedas. He not only upheld the absolutism of the Vedas but also propound the philosophy of dynamic realism. The Vedas contain according to him the seeds of all sciences and knowledge. His book “Satyartha Prakash” (Light of Truth) contains his major ideas, interpretation of the Vedas and other religions. Dayananda undertook a tour across the country, condemned the caste system, idolatry, and child marriages. His theology welcomed the advances of sciences and technology. To him, the Vedas as the source book contained the seeds of science and technology. He initiated a number of reform programmes starting with a Vedic school in contradistinction to other public schools at that time in order to propagate and impart the Vedic values and religion to youth. He emphasized the theory of karma and samsara and extolled the ideals of brahmacharya and sanyasa.

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