This Absolute is not a Being separate from the world, nature or even individual persons, thus not making a sharp distinction between appearance and reality as in Plato’s philosophy. In Hegel’s view, nothing is unrelated and whatever we experience as separate things, will upon careful reflection, lead us to the other things to which they are related, until at last, the process of dialectical thought will end in the knowledge of the Absolute. Still, the Absolute is not a unity of separate things. He never accepted Spinoza’s view that, everything is one, a single substance, with various modes and attributes. But, Hegel describes the Absolute as a dynamic process, as an organism having parts but nevertheless, unified into a complex system. Therefore, the Absolute is not an entity which is separate from the world as Kant’s Noumena, but it is in the world in a special way.

(Source: BPY008/Block 4/Unit 3/Page 31)

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