Is Social Media Destroying Our Quality of Mind?

Why has it become so much difficult to express one’s own thoughts? Just another day, I was thinking about this. Is it only me, or has anyone other noticed this?

I had been writing my own thoughts in my diary for long, sometimes on my blog too. Blogging was so much popular in between 2004 to 2014. Here blogging means… sharing one’s own thoughts… not just these review sites about technology, movies, books, political parties, economy etc which are full of useless advertisements and popups. It is so much easy to write about how much RAM a mobile has or how much profit a movie has earned on box office. But it is so much difficult to explain what is happening inside the mind… on deeper levels.

If you are a blogger or a writer, you can understand it very well. You must have faced this problem in your personal relations too. A time comes when you lost a relation just because you could not express your feelings in words.

Why is this happening?

It takes a great deal of attention and quiet mind for a significant period of time… to observe the thoughts. Only after observing deeply… one comes to a point when one can write those observations on a paper.

Don’t you think, social media has destroyed this quality of mind? The quality of attention for a longer period of time? As long… as our mind needs to understand something clearly… in depth.

Scrolling a timeline on social media seems like our attention is jumping like a monkey from one branch (post) to another branch (post) without understanding anything. In this way, are we programming our mind to distract itself? Are we conditioning our brain in such a way… that it can not pay attention to one thing for more than a minute?

Blogging is almost dead after social media has occupied all the internet. Social media is growing too fast. Blogging is difficult because you have to write… but it is easy to use Facebook, Twitter & Instagrams etc. Letters, emails and even long messages… all are dead.

I think almost 90% Facebook & Instagram users post only pictures, without writing anything to it. It is so much easy to click a picture… we even have powerful cameras on our mobiles including special effects and filters.

Twitter does not allow its users to write a long post… because Twitter knows very well that the people who could write long posts… are already dead. So it is simple… don’t allow your users to do something that they are not able to do.

It is even more easy to respond to any social media post… they have readymade expression buttons… so a reader doesn’t have to write something.

So in this way, it becomes an easy game to play… just post pictures and keep clicking on like buttons… all day long.

Sometimes I think in a different way. The popularity of social media has destroyed the quality of our mind… or the quality of our mind was already declining… so social media become so much popular?

I don’t know but I am not wasting my time on social media anymore and just living my life closer to reality.

4 thoughts on “Is Social Media Destroying Our Quality of Mind?”

  1. A well-thought out blog post. That’s what I think of social media (SM). You have written exactly what I feel.

    I have started to think that SM is totally useless. After watching a few of TedX Talks against social media, I have stopped completely using social media. I feel that it’s absolutely okay if you don’t use social media.

    Life feels much better. It looks that we have plenty of time when we don’t use social media.

    1. The concept of social media was really good but now it has become just a method of self promotion. There are pages who promote different brands and products very well… and there are profiles of individuals who just promote themselves… as products.

      So many fake profiles, mostly fake news and misleading information… hate speech, violent and abusive language… any so much chaos. All this is social media… or one can say… this is how we use social media.

      1. Vikas sir you wrote beautiful article. also your previous blogs were so much beautiful.

        yes people are addicted to social media.

        I hope they could understand

        thanks for sharing
        please take care

        1. Thank you so much dear friend. I am really happy to see you here, again. We have shared so many thoughts…. and discussed on so many topics. I still remember all the discussions. I had stopped writing anything… meaningful… you can say. But now I am back… I will keep sharing my thoughts here. We will enjoy this journey together… I wish more beautiful minds may join us on this journey from all around the world. Blessings my dear.

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