Nostradamus Predictions for 2017

Read Nostradamus predictions about Narendra Modi and Donald Trump. India will rise as a global master in 2017.

Few more predictions written by Nostradamus have come true. 500 years ago, a person named Nostradamus had taken birth in France. He had written many predictions in his life and among those all prediction almost 1200 predictions were for future. A few years ago, Omparkash Prajapati had compiled and posted these predictions on internet.

Our honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi’s decision of de-monetization is in favor of poor people. This decision will really help the poor people to raise their standard of living and will help them to fulfill their basic needs of food, education, shelter and employment etc. Meanwhile this decision is against the terrorism. People were saying that this BJP govt is a govt of rich people and it works always in favor of those rich people. But I assure you, this govt is really working for lower and middle class too. Some people think this decision is not good.

Nostradamus had written in his book about Shri Narendra Modi, that a person will born whose political party’s symbol will be like a flower of lotus or rose… and he will develop his country. His country will progress under his leadership. He will be called a man of success. Under his leadership there will occur some mis-happenings too. People will not speak truth. At the time of need he will delay. He will do some unfair deeds too. But after that, he will become a winner and will crush all his opponents. This leader will raise the depressed and oppressed and will crush the rebels. Then there will be no other like him. Some people will hate him and will fear of him, but he will be honored in world… and will rule till the end of 2028.

Under his leadership India will become a world leader. Nostradamus had written about Modi ji that the next divine incarnation will be born in south India. Nostradamus had written that the divine incarnation will be born in a country surrounded by three oceans. The ocean name will based on Hindu word. He will born in a Hindu family and will spread this religion in all world. Two Muslim countries will try to stop him. Those Muslim countries name will be based on alphabet “a”.

In the US, after becoming a new leader, the hatred between black and white people will increase. Nostradamus had written that the new president of US will become India’s good friend. India and US together, will fight against terrorism.

Nostradamus had written that the autocratic ruler will be killed after ruling 27 years and his land will be acquired by terrorists. Due to terrorism, a developed country will become desolate and dead. This prediction is proven true on Iraq. Actually this prediction was about Saddam Hussein. He ruled on Iraq since 1978 till 2005… and after these 27 years terrorists killed him. After the death of Saddam Hussein, to take revenge of his death, a violent person named Baghdadi will emerge, after spreading terrorism and violence for almost 3 years and 7 months, will be killed by infantry soldiers. After the death of Baghdadi there will spread more violence and hatred, and there will happen a great war between black and white people. To stop this war, India and US will come together. In against of this unity, China and Pakistan will come together as well.

Nostradamus had written about Obama that he will try to bring peace to the world. But after him, there will be rebellious situations everywhere. There will become a situation of world war and all the attempts to bring peace will fail.

Compilation by:
Prof Om Prakash Prajapati
Village: Keharwala Teh: Rania
Distt: Sirsa State: Haryana
Country: India
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