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The official website to download IGNOU study material is http://www.egyankosh.ac.in/, but this website has not been working for a long time. Every time I try to open this website, it shows just a blank page. This is a big problem for all the IGNOU students.

So, students are trying to find study material on other websites. Yes, there are many sites who claim to provide IGNOU study material, but almost all sites are fake.

So I am sharing philosophy study material to help those students.

There are two options to read & download these files.
Link: You can read and download all the files one by one. This is hosted on my Google drive storage.
ZIP File: You can download all the files in ZIP format in just one click. This is hosted on my OneDrive storage.

IGNOU Philosophy Study Material:

All files are in PDF format and freely available to public on my Google Drive Storage. To open and read these files you will need a software Adobe Reader which is available on Adobe’s official website.

If you are facing any problem in downloading these files, feel free to contact me.

If you want to get more philosophy ebooks (other than IGNOU study material) please join Philosophy Students at IGNOU group on facebook.

Thank you so much.

Download IGNOU solved philosophy assignments and other data here.

Update: 23 Sep 2015

MPY-001 Indian Philosophy was not available before. I have found this file and have added to collection.

Update: 27 May 2016

There were wrong books under:

MPYE-003 Epistemology – Block 1
MPYE-009 Philosophy of Scinece and Cosmology – Block 1
MPY-011 Philosophy of Art – Block 1

now I have corrected this issue.

MPYP-001 Dissertation book was not available before. I have found this book and have added to collection now.

“ZIP File” option is introduced, so you can download a book in just one click in ZIP format.

Update: 22 August 2017

New files added

BPY-011 Philosophy of Human Person
BPY-012 Philosophy of Science and Cosmology
MPYE-014 Philosophy of Mind

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      1. i just hate dis subject bcoz its not available in hindi why??? 3rd time i am attempting bpy001 and bpy002 really gonna sick really need to upload study material in hindi with help book.

        1. sir there is no MPYE peace and conflict resolution software material here. how can i get it. have of course the hard copy sent by ignou. but i need soft copy. how can i get it? pls tell me sir.

      2. Can I join your group ? Of course m not from your ignou bt I m also in the field of philosophy and want to gain knowledge.

      3. Sir my age 59 years. I wish to know/learn more about philosophy. Where i will get materials in english. Is it necessary to study MA Philosophy through IGNOU.

    1. Sorry dear brother, MPYE014 and MPYP001 is not available. I am trying to find these two books. I will update these books when available.

      If anybody has these two books, kindly send me via email. Thank you.

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  1. Could u provide material or suggest book which has topic on SCINECE TEMPER AND PROGRESS and PHILOSOPHY OF ECOLOGY for uppsc.

  2. Please sir .. i am finding philosophy ignou material in hindi.. but that is not available in all place.. if you have materials in hindi please upload in the site .. very urgent sir… Please sir ..

  3. Under the paper titled ‘MYPE-011 Philosophy of Art’ Block 1 carry inappropriate study material. Please check and rectify it. ThanQ for Ur kind service.

  4. Thank you so much vikas Sir because of sharing the B.A philosophy study material we are able to study thoroughly especially those who are pursuing M.A in it.. Really appreciate your work n support. And one more thing Sir do you also provide assignments in it?. Once again thank you.. stay blessed ☺☺

  5. Hi Vikas, Thanks a million for the download of study material. I am looking forward for the ”MPYE-014 Philosophy of Mind ” study material.

  6. Thank you so much. This really helps. I wanted to pursue an MA in Philosophy and this gave me a basic idea about the coursework and details.
    Do you have any feedback about this course? How good is it? How did it help you?
    Are you using this degree in your current field?
    Thank you so much.
    Also, what are the exams like? Do you just write the papers at the end of the year?
    I really cannot thank you enough, sir.
    Thank you.

  7. Hello sir please provide me ignou notes and tell me the name of books authentic and relevant….strategy how to start preparing and how to write effective answer

  8. Dear Vikas,

    I am too much thankful to you for making IGNOU books easily accessible. It helped me too much and I got all them printed. This group is immensely helpful for all students of philosophy.

    Please, arrange following three books to make this collection complete-
    BPY-012 Philosophy of Science and Cosmology
    BPY-011 Philosophy of Human Persons
    MPYE-014 Philosophy of Mind

    The last link of ‘Other Books’ contains irrelevant things. Please, check it out.
    Thanks once again for this unique collection in public interest.

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  9. May I ask you two questions dear vikas,
    what are the meanings of BPY, MPY, MPYE, BPYE ?
    And Is it enough course for M.A. Philosophy entrance exam in JNU Delhi or should I read some other books ?

  10. Hello, I was searching reading material on MPYP-001. I could not find it on IGNOU website, whereas it was readily available on your blog! Thanks for the help. R.Narasimha Swamy, student of MAPY

    1. Hello friend, these pdf files are not corrupt. Hundreds of students have downloaded these files. If you are facing any problem, please tell me which files you need. I will email you those files.

  11. Hello Sir,
    I’m struggling to write the Assignment on MPYE 001 Logic and MPYE 002 Epistemology, can you please help me solve this problem. please Sir.

  12. Thank u enormously . I am planning to take admission in MA in the January circle next year.
    I am requesting one more thing here. Can you collect the NCERT Philosophy books of Class 11 and 12 and upload those ? These are not available online.
    I doubt whether the latest syllabus from the session 2016-17 is available anywhere or not. However the previous syllabus from the 2005 session must be somewhere , however I have not been able to get it anywhere. Out of the ones available online , there is only one “CBSE” book (not NCERT) of class 11 and a slim study material of one unit of class 12.
    On the other hand , the old syllabus (Pre 2005) should definitely be somewhere.
    For beginers like me who belong to a totally different stream of studies , NCERT books can establish a solid base for the purpose. I would be great if u can find those.

  13. sir i am in a bit of confusion. Is this the complete material for philosophy BA and MA programme? is anything missing in it? is it the complete material that we get from ignou book center? if there is something missing then please specify the topics. please reply soon sir.thank you.
    Name- Shashank Singh
    Cont- 9810870779
    Email- singhforias280990@gmail.com

  14. Sir I wan B P Y E 001 and B P Y E 002 solved assignment in Hindi .If you have both then please send me I am in B.A. second year from IGNOU

  15. sir plzzz send me bpy 001 & 002 solved assignment in hindi sir 30 date last hai submit krane ki or last sunday 24 hai iss month ka toh mujhe isi sunday assignment submit krane hai plzzz sir help me

  16. All IGNOU Latest assignment solutions and Approved Projects along with 10 years question bank are available. Call at: 9811605174/7042087967 (Whatsapp) or mail: goelrajat.83@gmail.com (Handwritten Solutions also available on demand). Also provide home delivery in Delhi/NCR.

  17. Hello,
    I have one question on the study materials.
    What does the set BPY, BPYE and MPY, MPYE refer to.
    Is it differentiation between Bachelors and Masters ?
    May sound a basic question for you but if anyone of you could pl clarify.


  18. Sir, I have been searching for study material for subject code BPY006 & BPY007 in Hindi for a long time but only to be disappointed. I am going to take exam tomorrow only and that without any preparation. Can you please upload the aforementioned study material? Hope next time I would take my exam with due preparations. Thanking you in anticipation.

  19. Thanx a lot sir.
    Now I can read and study anywhere anytime by just carrying my mobile.
    You prooved yourself as good thinker and philosopher by helping students from all over india.
    Creater bless you.

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