Nostradamus Predictions for Future (English)

Nostradamus: Original Portrait by His Son Cesar
Nostradamus: Original Portrait by His Son Cesar

Five hundred years ago in France, a man named Nostradamus took birth. He predicted about eleven hundred future incidents. It is believed that till 2028, all his predictions would come true. He wrote his predictions in the form of riddles so that it can be kept away from astrologers, astronomers, idiots, illiterates and evil people. It is also believed that his prediction would be understood once it comes true.

Few summaries of his predictions are:

• Two world warshave already taken place in the world. Once from 1914 to 1919 i.e., that is for five years. Another from 1939 to 1944, which also continued for five years. First and second world war was initiated by Germany, Japan and Italy. The Third World War would take place because of Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

• After about one century from the initiation of the First World War one more war would take place. Which means this war would take place sometimes nearer to 2014. A Dictator would take birth that would spread terror in the world for about 27 years. Many innocent people would be killed. Over 3lakhs people would be killed. At last he would be assassinated in an insulting manner. This prediction came true for President Saddam Husain of Iraq. President Saddam Husain forcefully became the president of Iraq in the year 1978. In the year 1980 he attacked Iran. In the year 2003, he was captured and in the year 2005, he was hanged. Terror of Saddam Husain lasted for about 27 years.

Before this two more antichrist would come who would avenge the death of Saddam Husain. After the death of Saddam Husain, hatred and violence would increase in the society. They would first affect the closest region of Iraq and then the whole world. According to Nostradamus his name would be AILS. The head of ISIS, whose full name is Ali Al Adri Al Samari, whom we call as Baghdadi. After 3 years and 7 month this leader would be killed in the hand of a dark leader. He would be captured in between two rivers and would be killed. He would even fail to escape by sea route. Many bridges would break. He would be even stronger than Iron. He would remind us of the Mongol king Chengiz Khan. He would to some extent be successful in avenging the death of Saddam Husain. One day, these two countries would become allies. These two countries, i.e. Iran and Iraq would jointly fight against this leader and only few days of his life would be there. According to the prediction, this big empire would fall down at the end of 20th century, i.e. at the end of solar century. Whole empire of Iraq would be finished and it would be invaded by the terrorists.

English translation of the Prophecies, located in The P.I. Nixon Medical History Library of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.
English translation of the Prophecies, located in The P.I. Nixon Medical History Library of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

• Nostradamus also predicted about India and its people. He predicted about Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, and Subhas Chandra Bose. Queen Laxmi Bai, Ayodha Ram Mandir, division of India and Pakistan. He wrote than a single body would get divided into two parts and then after sometime, the head region would again get divided into two, i.e. India and Bangladesh. India and Pakistan would always fight with each other and the bone of contention would be a landscape and it indicates towards Jammu and Kashmir. These two countries would almost finish each other.

• He also wrote about the Indian President Narendra Modi. He said that a leader would take birth whose party sign would be a lotus flower. He would develop his country to a large extent. People would keep their mouth shut towards truth. He would delay his work during necessity. During his reign, he would do few immoral acts. He would keep his leg on the head of few great leaders and crush them. He would develop the poor and crush the baggies. There would be no other leader like him. Congress would come to an end. They would lose all their great leaders and few would leave the party by themselves. He wrote that till 2026 all country would lose democracy.This leader would be at the top position and play an important role in the third world war. Few would hate him and fear him. In spite of all these, he would gain respect and pride and would rule till 2026. Till 2026 all class and caste would merge and a new religion would emerge. India would play an important role in it. This country, India, which got its name from Indus river and whose name resembles with the name of Indian Ocean would become world famous. This country would become the exponent of this global religion that would emerge.

• In the year 2028, Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Tibet, Bhutan would merge together and become a federation, The Great India. There would be four federations in the whole world and 4 to 5 capitals. China and north Asia would merge and create one federation. One federation would be at Africa and its capital would be Egypt. in 2028 the world would get divided into 4 to 5 capitals and there would be just one sovereign ruler. Heads belonging to all the religion would get the privilege to be the sovereign ruler, one by one. There would be no military forces and thereafter for 750 years there would be no war. Everyone would follow just one religion. India would revive its old Aryan culture. This land of new religion would become the global teacher. there would be establishment of Ram Rajya ( The perfect empire of King Ram of Ayodha, mostly considered as an Indian utopia).

• He has predicted a lot about India, about the previous Prime Minister Narshima Rao, Ram Janma Bhumi and Babri Masjid issue, he wrote that the blind folded Law would see an archeological madness. Disrobing of religious individualism would be stopped by a great leader who would punish the people who would forcefully try to establish control over the temples. During the Bajpa’s rule, Narshima Rao overdrawn many government and stopped forceful intervention in temples.

• Babri Masjid was demolished in the year 1992. There would be lightning (destruction) inside the closed prayer room, people in the houses would get affected, horses, innocent men would be staggered against the walls and there would be hunger and famine throughout.

• About the Golden Temple in Amritsar, he wrote that, they would witness a divine energy destroying their land and it would get decorated with bloodshed and their holy temple would be demolished by evil men. Mrs. Indira Gandhi buried these men inside the temple itself.

• About the previous Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he predicted that, including Babri Masjid, he would have the aspiration to destroy other holy temples and later on he would change his mind and do well to people and try to improve relationships between people following different religions. He would commit his whole life doing this. He would have hypnotizing and influential power and would have great oratory skill.

• A liquid substance would become more expensive compared to gold and silver and it would create differences in the mind of people. These differences would be very hard to remove. These liquids are petrol and diesel which is even more necessary than gold or silver.

• Nostradamus knew it before that few traitors would loot their own nation and keep the entire asset in a bank who would keep no records of these assets. These countries would remain deprived of the new law. This Swiss bank would get looted after the war.

Nostradamus statue in Salon-de-Provence• Cancer would spread like anything and it will take the form of epidemic. After 2026, people could find the cure for this disease. It would be found with the help of satellites revolving in the space.

• After the initiation of this war, between the years 2020-2021, in the month of May, it is warned that all the celestial bodies would fall on earth surface. All the celestial bodies would come close to each other and there would be shower of fire from the sky. Almost the whole of earth would start burning. There would be earthquake and flood everywhere. From one side the world would witness peace and from other the whole of war field would get burned with fire.

• After the death of Baghdadi, another antichrist would come from China. China would become powerful than Russia. China would become a World power, even powerful than America and this affect many neighboring countries of India, such as Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Tibet, Bangladesh. It would also affect many states of India such as Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, and few parts of Bengal.

• Nostradamus predicted that in the year 1970, there would be some problem in the atmosphere. For 40 years there would famine. This famine would start from one place and would spread towards Asia, Africa and Europe. When in 1986, the long tailed comet would be seen, this famine would increase more and more. Earth would witness many natural calamities. After 40 years this famine would disappear slowly and slowly and after 40 year, there would be so much rain that it would flood the lands which got affected by the famine.

• About Pakistan, he wrote that, this country would be ruled by three blood sucking rulers who would have military control over the nation.

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  1. Nostradamus mentions 92 Years of peace after the 2nd world war before the start of the third world war. Thus it is clear 2037 will see the start of the 3rd world war. A comet would destroy one third of the land in Jan 2037 and would submerge countries like Britain, Japan, South Africa, Singapore and Los Angeles to San Francisco. An asteroid in June 2040 would destroy one third of the sea. Both would trigger volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Sree Veerabhoga Vasantharaya ( born in 1965-66) is Lord Kalki the tenth avatar of Vishnu who would take action against wrong-doers. In the war of 2041 lasting 23 Years 200 million soldiers kill 3 billion people one third of the humanity. see

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