A Poem for Syria from 9 Year Old Heather

9 Year old Heather sent this poem to Unicef UK Supporter Care centre regarding Syria. Here is the poem:

All I’ve ever wanted was the simple things,
Not horses or castles, boats nor wings.
I just want peace throughout the lands,
Not throwing bombs from human hands.

Have you ever stopped and thought how those people felt,
No running water, the streets they smelt.
Could you live life like this I know I couldn’t?
How would they cope I know I wouldn’t.

Why do people do this it’s very cruel,
The children live life without any school.
So help me, join me to forge lasting peace,
Raise money so they can live life and eat.

Read complete story here http://blogs.unicef.org.uk/2015/03/13/our-supporters-a-poem-for-syria/

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