Skin-Deep Wisdom

He was a well known professor of Philosophy. He was a person what you might call a religious one. He had contributed a lot in the fields of Mathematics too. And now he was writing an essay on the effects of Psychology and Physics on Philosophical theories.

The left wall was covered by thousands of books on almost every topic from ancient times to modern ones. One could easily understand that how much time he had spent with those after the death of his wife. On the other side there were different kinds of pots, statues and vases from different cultures of the world. A great care was given to collect and arrange all those things.

This was an ordinary meeting, nothing was special about it. He began his talks by explaining about his own responsibilities and burdens of life. He was so much anxious to talk about many philosophical matters too. He talked about meditations and different states of consciousness but he gave the impression that his knowledge is only accumulated from books and had no relation with direct experience. He explained about how the thought is influenced by society and culture. He quoted different authors from east and west so proudly to prove his words.

Discussion was going on and there were many points where our views were not the same. He explained many books names but one was interested to think again about those matters. He was a person rich in knowledge and having a pious ego in him. No one had ever rejected his words in his whole life. So he was not expecting this kind of response from one. He was taking this simple discussion as a serious argument and soon became so much angry. The atmosphere had become so much intense and peculiar by his behavior and it was not worthwhile to discuss further.

We are what we have possessed. A person who has possessed so much knowledge is a person possessed by knowledge. There comes a time when the person goes lost and only his knowledge speaks and acts out of his body. There are so many persons who are rich in knowledge but their intelligence is just skin deep. Inwardly they are full of ego and frustration. That ego is so much deeply involved in their hearts that they are not aware of it. And when they try to become simple and compassionate, it is the same ego that wears a false mask and acts. That ego tries to impress and please others by saying wisdom quotes and clever phrases. Many of those people are spiritual gurus, masters and leaders of different religious communities.

People are attached with knowledge, power, money and other worldly things but this attachment can never bring about freedom from this aching of empty self. Philosophy is a study of fundamental problems of human being and if such a person becomes angry so much easily and not able to understand the hidden and suppressed ego of his own mind then what is the significance of all this philosophical knowledge and discussions? Philosophy is called “Love of Wisdom” but how can this skin-deep wisdom bring about a change in individual and society?

This is not about Philosophy because Philosophy is just a study. It is about those persons who have accumulated so much knowledge but still are not able to talk with someone gently; not able to maintain a simple relation with someone; and in the hidden ego of their knowledge they have become so poisonous. How can this accumulated knowledge bring about a fundamental change in oneself?

Think about it.

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