Change Must Come From Within

We are so much concerned with our outer appearance. Whatever we want to change in ourselves, we apply it on outward appearance first. What is the relation of outer to inner? Why do we pay so much attention to outer? When we follow an ideal, we follow his outer appearance first.

A person who is a follower of Buddha, will try to talk like him, try to act or behave like him. He will try to change his outer appearance according to Buddha’s. His mind is not concerned with the inner world. He thinks that outer is more powerful than inner. He thinks that outer change will bring about an inner change too. This is not a story of particular person. Most of us do the same thing.

Change must come from within, otherwise it is not fundamental. A fundamental change is that which comes from inner and extends to the outer world. An inner change that comes from outside is just a conditioning, an effect or influence of outside. A change that comes from outer, needs a lot of practice and time but yet superficial. A change that comes from inner is so much instant and radical.

Most of us don’t pay attention to this difference. Just think about it now.

2 thoughts on “Change Must Come From Within”

  1. Nice post !!! how many time to be taken for inner change ? some time feel for just second and some time feel very very away from that !!!
    Thanks for better reminder !!!

    1. Inner change comes so instantly. When we follow an idea, it takes lot of time and practice to absorb that idea into heart. But understanding is not like that.

      A person can practice to quit smoking. He will try so many methods, tricks, medicines to do so. But he will fail at the last.

      When the light of understanding that “smoking is not good”…. will come into his heart…. he will quit smoking in a single second… without any practice or without any medicine; in a single moment.

      This is the real inner change.

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