Emptiness and Loneliness

We have accumulated so much knowledge, money and power. We have invented super-fast computers, robots, satellites, air-planes and all the rest of it. Now we are able to fly over the clouds, swim under the deep oceans, and transplant a new part in body, go to the moon and much more. We have done much more than our expectations. Whatever we see all around is created by us whether it is a small pencil in our pocket or a huge satellite far away in the space.  Everything is incredible and we are so much proud of it.

All of this was about outer world but what we are inside? In outer world, we feel like almighty but in inner world, we are so tiny and empty. This is a fact. Inside, we are hollow like a bamboo. We are not able to solve our stupid little problems and living in misery, fear, pain and depression. We have messed up the whole inner world of relations, virtues, intelligence and have invented this endless conflict, contradictions and sorrows.

It does not mean that we are not trying to make it simple. We have invented so many philosophies, ideas, theories, systems and religions to solve this inner problem of emptiness. But we are still empty inside. All of our inventions are not able to help us. The problem is still the same as it was before.

This emptiness inside us and loneliness are closely connected with each other. This loneliness makes us aware of our inner world which is isolated, miserable and empty. In the state of this loneliness we become aware of this utter emptiness and we encounter the real truth, we find the real self which is utterly alone, miserable and confused. There we can see the futility of all of our efforts. There we know that we are nothing but just a poor and stupid fellow; we know that nothing is going to help us. It is not just a thing but a whole process that brings about fear, pain, uncertainty, insecurity and all those dark memories of past. This is why we are so much afraid of this loneliness.

We do many efforts to escape from this loneliness. We read books, travel places, watch movies, and make friends and all the rest of it. We create superficial goals like god, truth, enlightenment and peace; and we force ourselves to stay involve to achieve these goals all the time. We occupy ourselves in solving the problems of philosophies, metaphysics and epistemology to stay away from it. We involve ourselves in social services, politics and meaningless rituals to escape from it. We try to cover it up in quotes of Bible and Gita. We have invented drugs and medicines to suppress this loneliness but does it work? Absolutely not. The problem is still the same. Don’t occupy yourself just for few seconds and loneliness will catch you and it will make you aware of your inner empty world. It is always there.

Emptiness and loneliness have same roots. Look at the cunning mind that how it creates superficial methods to fill this gap. If you have knowledge of certain type that others don’t have; it gives you a deep satisfaction. If you have power and money more than other people then it makes you satisfied. People think that you have something extraordinary and this feeling gives you a strange joy. Even social Medias are using these tricks. They have designed their websites to use your weakness for their business. They placed a “Follow” button on your profile page very beautifully so people can follow you. The more the number of followers the more you are satisfied. They provide “Badges”, “Ranks”, “Titles” for you to make you more connected and depended on their beautiful trap. These all things help you to suppress this feeling of emptiness inside and make you happy. You feel really special when you see that you have million followers, diamond rank or insightful soul badge on your profile. It helps you to forget the core problem. You are not able to maintain even a single relation but on social Medias you can handle up to 5000. This gives you a superficial confidence. But the problem is still the same. These things help you to overcome this isolation and emptiness but it is just a temporary illusion which fades away with time.  And you are still the same. The problem is still the same. After using so many means, methods and tricks you come to the same point where you were before.

We are seeking something that can fill this emptiness. But this emptiness is not separate from us. This can never be fulfilled by any other object. This is we who are empty and it is not related to any object in any condition. So we must understand that this problem can never be solved by “other”. We have created this isolation. We have made ourselves empty. We possess things, relations, people, money and power to fulfill it but it is all the reverse effect. In this process we make ourselves separate from everything. We identify ourselves, not with the whole but with the particular. We identify ourselves with cast, race, language, community or political parties etc; and this is separating us from the whole and making us more empty and isolate. Is it? It is not a conclusion but I am just thinking about it. It is futile to make a conclusion and stick to it all the time. We have already tried this way and we know what happened. All our actions and intentions are separating us. Are we aware that how is it affecting our actions? We use love as a mean to solve this problem. But our love is based on an object, on the other. When the person to whom we love leaves us, the problem takes place immediately. We can see futility of all our efforts. So we have to approach this problem in a completely new way, not in the old way.

The most important thing is the intention to understand it. Our approach is to run away from it, suppress it, ignore it and fight with it. All our efforts are just to get rid of this emptiness. This approach will never work. If we want to solve this problem it is essential to understand it completely. To understand we must see it as it is. When we try to suppress it, there is a resistance and this resistance prevents us to understand the problem. We have to approach it passively and silently. A direct communication is necessary to understand the problem. We can solve this mess only by a complete understanding of whole process.

Is it possible to fill this emptiness completely and overcome this fear of loneliness permanently and how? Think about it.

5 thoughts on “Emptiness and Loneliness”

    1. Yes brother, you are right. We are the root of our problems, confusions and conflicts. It is so much important to understand ourselves from inside…. to solve the problems. Solution is not an end product. It is a by product of understanding the problem. So don’t seek the solution….. but understand the problem completely. This understanding will not come through complicated philosophies, theories and concepts. This understanding will come through self-knowing. The answer of question is… within the question…. not outside.

  1. bamboo metaphor 🙂

    your all articles keep vibration to wash a person completely from old and bestow a fresh sweet breeze inside core of heart.

    I love your holy existence on this lovely planet which is emphasizing perpetually to see the truth and overcome from all sufferings.

    you are a great hippy.

    Love you bhai.
    Take Care…!!

  2. The emptiness what you are talking about is actually not very depressing, soul-sucking and fearful thing. It’s the truth and beauty of life. Everything is indeed at subtle level empty. First I would lay a few points.

    In space, he space withing a pot is the space the same outside the pot. If we break the pot, both the spaces merge and we get a feeling that there never was a pot.

    Similarly, the personality created with the body is can be filled with anything, passion or purpose or God or Gita, but essentially it is empty and after the body goes, the personality will merge with emptiness or God or Self.

    So the point is we have to realize and learn to embrace the emptiness as it’s our true home, where we have come from and where we will go.

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