How Mind Follows The Crowd & Self-Knowing

It is 5 o’clock in the morning and time to run away from the crowds of city to a place where the sky meets the earth. My shoes are looking at me and are ready to go out on this beautiful journey. Every runner knows that shoes are the best friend for him. I am not an expert into technical details of a shoe but I love to wear Nike, Adidas and Reebok. If you want to know that a pair of shoe is suitable for you or not, you have to run almost a mile wearing those particular shoes. I know this is really hard and I cannot check every shoe in this manner, so I always go with one of the above three brands. I choose and believe these brands because these are the top bestselling companies in sports wear; especially in professional running gears.

This is how we decide a particular option when there are many. When we choose a book, we prefer a bestselling one. We did not read the book yet but we believe it must be a good one because of its increased sale. Almost every online book showroom provides an option to sort down the list of books by “Bestselling”. We purchase a pair of jean because the salesman says “These are in fashion” and we know fashion means bestselling. The word “Bestselling” and “Brand” are closely connected. We want to purchase a cotton shirt and don’t know which one is good, so we pay more than double or triple amount than actual price just for a brand name. Is it our lack of knowledge about things that makes a company a branded one? We cannot decide which leather is pure by its touch and smell, so we choose a bestselling brand to be sure about it.

This is the mindset that we use in almost every field of life. This is the way we choose our political leaders. The one who gets maximum votes (bestselling) becomes the authority of our life. I tell you a funny part of politics that if there are 3 political persons nominated for the election who get votes like 30% 30% and 40%; the one who gets 40% votes will be elected as the leader even though in reality he is rejected by 60% of public.

We choose our Gurus or Masters in the same sense. The more followers a Master have the more Enlightened he is. This is our thinking pattern. If a simple person wants to say something, no one would believe in his words even though he is right; but it is easy to believe in a fool who has a million followers. You know me very well. If I will say something to you, it will raise many doubts in your mind and it will be so hard for you to believe into my simple and easy words. But you will believe in complicated and complex words of a religious scripture very easily, even though you don’t understand the exact meaning of those words, even though you don’t know the name of author or anything about him; just because that particular religious scripture is followed by millions of people all over the world.

We believe in capitalism or any other ideology just because many people believe it. We trust in newspaper’s headlines even though individually we know the reality. Sometimes, we quote our words like it is said by Aristotle or it is said by Plato or it is written in this or that scripture just to prove our words right. We choose a method of meditation because a lot of people are doing it. We chant a mantra (repetition of so-called holy words to achieve foolish desires) just because there is a large organization behind it.

It is good to choose a bestselling one in some technical cases but it is not valid for every part of life. If you really want to choose a bestselling one then do it with awareness. Don’t just read my words to be agreed or disagree but think yourself and find it out. We think in a crowd. We follow a crowd and we are a crowd. We feel so much safe and right in a crowd. When we are confused, uncertain and our mind feels insecurity then we take shelter of a crowd to overcome this fear. This crowd can be a society, organization, company, religion, institute, ideology or even god. We don’t know the reality, we don’t have enough logical sense and intelligence, and we don’t have enough power to find the truth at our own; so we don’t have any other way but following. Our thinking is so much affected by others even though in reality there is no other. A crowd is a group of many persons and every person in the crowd follows the thinking of other persons, and in such a way there is no other person. When we look into the eyes of every individual, every individual has a different opinion of his own. But the society (which is a group of individuals) has totally different opinion than the individual and most funny part of the fact is that every individual is rejecting his own opinion and following the opinion of society which has an opinion of no-one.

Look into your own heart. You will see that you are confused. You will realize that you don’t know the reality. You are in conflict and misery. And then look at the crowd (society, organization, company, religion, institute, ideology or even god) and understand that this crowd is a group of persons as you are. Every person in this crowd is in confusion and in misery as you are. They are not different than you; even they are leaders or followers. You are here because of them and they are here because of you. It is an endless mystery that is keeping you away from self-knowing.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “How Mind Follows The Crowd & Self-Knowing”

  1. Every reality of social life expressed in words.The leaders are real follower and human being also follower in sense of security.The endless mystery explained very well but self knowing key keep away !!! Thanks for posting about tendency of mind !!!

  2. “If a simple person wants to say something, no one would believe in his words even though he is right.”
    its true; but it don’t means to be quite…
    yes people won’t believe you because they are confused. So why not play a same trick but it should be valid way only, first In valid way only we must come up in fame,brand as so-called Brands and People do,so the people will believe us , why don’t we gain their trust in valid way only, Do reality don’t have that much power??? … Do so-called Brands, People are really powerful?? yes..?? … Absolutely wrong; They are powerful only because we consider that we are weak…. And the truth is that we are confused too… Everyone wants ready-made solution but a Branded and Bestselling one only… Actually we are those machine who wants an Branded and Bestselling Upgraded version software … But are we aware this all things are dragging us away from Self-Knowing…
    Revolution start from the Truth;Truth start from Self-Knowing;And Self-Knowing start from Individual……

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