A Romantic Affair With Words

…and next time, when you wish to say those three magical words to someone you love, try paper and pen instead of Email or Facebook…

It is so much beautiful to write your thoughts on a paper. It is like materialization of thoughts into hard and subtle forms. There are millions of thoughts in our mind and we choose a few of them to share. Now a day, people love to write on laptops and computers; but nothing can beat the originality of paper and pen. A hand-written letter can express your feelings thousand times better than any email; this is why the letters are considered more romantic. Electronic words are virtual and don’t have enough power to convince anyone. Virtual words can convince mind but heart works in a different way.

We can find electronic versions of almost every book. Electronic books or e-books are the soft copies of original books compiled in PDF, MOBI or EPUB formats. There are many companies who provide electronic devices on which one can read & store these e-books easily. The makers of these electronic devices claim that you will find virtual reading more amazing then the real one; but it is not so. Companies are trying so much hard to fill the difference of virtual reading and original reading but it is not possible.

A book is not complete until you sleep with it and dream over it.

Holding a book in your hands, enjoying the fragrance of ink, feeling the roughness of paper, touching the dust of time compiled between pages is strange romantic affair. This affair is not about collecting information but a deeper relation between author and reader. Only a true author and a true reader can understand and live this amazing experience.

If you really love an author, go for original book instead of audio or e-book format. And next time, when you wish to say those three magical words to someone you love, try paper and pen instead of Email or Facebook. I am sure; you will definitely experience something new and vital.


5 thoughts on “A Romantic Affair With Words”

  1. The real eye-opener article !! Due to modernisation and electronic media , internet we forgotten to reading . Previously people reading and understanding writers complete view on subject !!! Real human being so many away from oneness !!!!

  2. e word mai wo haquiqut nhi hai ……….. jo aaj bhi apne hath se us kagaj k panne mai likhne mai hai……………. ek arman hai jise apne soch se se tarashkar ………. us pyari si ink mai dubakar likhne mai aata …………. hai …………… aaj bhi fountane pen se un pannno mai likhne mai mai sukun bhra hai jo e mail mai nhi ……………….but phir bhi bhi hum ise use kr rhe hai ……….. only for gud connectivity……………

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