The Key to Self-Knowing

It was a beautiful morning. It was just like as it should be. Seeking perfection in nature is an insanity and violence of human mind but looking at it as it is, is a virtue. This morning a person came to meet me. She was a member of some kind of religious organization. She introduced herself as a sannyasi and explained that she had renounced the world and all its comforts, pleasures and wealth. She told me about her organization and its activities. She said that she was struggling to bring about a different kind of future; a future which is much better than present in all aspects. She was gentle calm and peaceful. Her words were poetic as she was really good in playing with words and their meanings. All her words were to convince me on a few particular ideas about life which she had learned from her organization.

Desire plays a vital role in the understanding of facts. It is so much easy to renounce the world when you are offered with a much better world than this. The so-called better world is not in present but somewhere in future. Your mind compares this world to the so-called different world and finds latter beneficial. In reality, you are doing just a business of “what you have” and “what you will have” in future. You renounce this world because you think that this world is so much ordinary, it has nothing special for you, you don’t have any reputed position here, it has of no value according to you calculation which is completely based on your self-centered interest. And you renounce this world to get a better world which has a greater value according your comparative analysis.

It is all a matter of greed and desire. You want something or want to be something better than now; but you don’t want to understand yourself. All your efforts are based on changing; but not knowing. In the absence of self-knowing all your efforts are wastes. These efforts will bring about more confusion, contradiction, conflict and misery to you. Truth is the understanding of now; not in the form of time but a complete and profound understanding of oneself in the very present moment. The word used “oneself” is not the polished and clean image of one, created by the mind. But it is the real “oneself” with all its confusions, problems, doubts, ego, violence, greed and desires. It is completely free of all the past success, identity labels and future “becomings”.

Your all efforts to become something are a negation of the present being. Try to understand the words “becoming” and “being”. “Being” is what you are now in this moment and “becoming” is an illusionary image projected by your desires in future. The more you will try to “become” the far you will go away from reality because the reality is you, not something in future. Understanding this is the key to self-knowing. All methods to become peaceful, more intelligent, more wise or enlightened are the tricks to ignore the reality. Too much busy to write more….

5 thoughts on “The Key to Self-Knowing”

  1. The article always leave that point,from where journey start.The exact being moment to moment till waiting my-self.But yours few line inspired to walk on path !!! Thanks , Gr8 post !!!

    1. Dear friend, thank you so much for your comment. I know what you want to say. I will try to explain the reality of the moment of self-knowing in my next article. Blessings and love.

      1. The nice words from you ‘Being and becoming”the “being ” exact no words for that and that important roll to give words for that or example,to explain reality !!! This is prime duty”Jyotase jyot jalao ” Thanks !!!

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