Gautama Is Not The Buddha

It is important to understand the nature of truth. It will help you to see the fact as it is and to deal with the complex structure of illusions created by mind. I agree on the fact that truth can never be bound by thoughts but it is good to have a healthy discussion about its nature. This discussion will not lead you to enlightenment but it will give you strong logics to deal with the intricacies of mind.

One must understand that truth is not a conclusion. A conclusion is a result based on logical analysis of many events, facts, theories and ideas. Conclusion has its roots in the past because it operates within the field of known; but truth has nothing to do with the past. Truth is always now and operates always in present moment. This present moment is not a continuity of past, a shadow of future or a thing put together by tricky thoughts. Thoughts are always influenced, affected by past and future. But truth does not know past and future and it has no influence of time. An event which has its roots in past can never be pure. Such kind of event is just a modified, shaped, conformed and practiced thing through the effect of time. It is an ongoing process.

A person is thinking continuously on a serious matter. His thinking process totally depends on his thoughts. Thoughts are responses of memory which is a collection of knowledge or information. This collection of information is a result of past experiences. This is an accumulation of knowledge through time and has its roots in the past. So this knowledge has a tremendous influence of past on it. So a conclusion which is a byproduct of influenced, limited and shallow thoughts can be an actuality but can never come to the eternal truth.

Buddha is a state of awakening in truth. This state is not a byproduct of conclusions, ideas or theories. This state is totally new and has no roots in the past. If it had its roots in the past then it would be just a continuity of the past. This state is not a continuity of past or old but totally new creation. This new creation is so much new that it can never be related to past in any way. Mind cannot capture its beauty & freshness because mind operates always in the past. This new has no trace of past or shadow of future. This new has no accumulation even of its own. This new is totally free from everything and beyond all limits of time and space. The creation of new is not possible without the destruction of old. Here the meaning of destruction is a total destruction, all at once, not step by step or in parts. This is so much difficult and important to understand this phenomenon.

Buddha is not a transformed form of Gautama. Buddha has no relation with Gautama. Buddha is not a continuity of Gautama. Buddha is not a conclusion of Gautama. I am repeating these words to convey the right message. Buddha is a birth of totally new and not a result of Gautama’s accumulated knowledge, efforts, conclusions, ideas, and observations, practices, past experiences, methods or any other action. Gautama must completely cease to be for the birth of a Buddha.

Complete death of oneself is essential for the birth of eternal truth. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Gautama Is Not The Buddha”

  1. nice !!! Completely Re-birth and new response without influence of past !!!!
    Real Goutam became Budhha !!!
    Thanks for new vision !!!

  2. I am upset. Your explanation is a true insight. You can’t say those words if you have not the insight of what they mean. This insight is so clear, powerful. Thank you.

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