Emptiness Is The Essence of Intelligence

She is a beautiful person. Not physical beauty which withers away with time but that eternal beauty which is beyond the limits of time and space. That beauty cannot be explained because thoughts cannot comprehend it. The beauty captured by thoughts is a beauty at personal level. It has no meaning because it totally depends on one’s own interests, likes and ideas. One’s interests and ideas depend on one’s past experiences and future desires and it may change from time to time. Her beauty is a benediction; all reasons and logics are meaningless to that. The beauty emerged from reasons and logics is not true, but just a complicated movement of thoughts in the limitations of knowledge based on measurements and comparisons.

Her words are transparent and full of humility. It is not that humility which one learns through habits, imitations and influences; but it is the essence of all virtues. One does not want to use the word “poetic” because so-called poets have destroyed the significance of this word. Now a day, the word “poetic” has become an expression of knowledge acquired through academic studies which is trained under complicated linguistic philosophies and analysis. This word has gone through enormous influence of cultures, religions, analysis and has lost its originality. It is no longer pure and now used as a mathematical formula bounded in rules, grammar and logics.

Her thoughts are not bound by any sect, group or religion. Her thoughts are free from all kinds of motives, free from all influences, not even touched by her own interests, so pure and sacred. It seems a contradiction in the mirror of truth because how can thoughts be free from everything, but it is not. Generally we know thoughts as a reaction or response of memory to outward movements and objects but there are thoughts which are not a reaction to something outside. In language, there is no word to explain that phenomena so one is using similar words to explain it.

All actions performed to gain something, to achieve something or have a motive are impure actions, breed conflicts and violence. An action which is free from all the motives, which is not a reaction to the outward challenge, which is not affected by past, which is not a desire living in future, which is in this very moment and does not continue in next moment is an action out of emptiness of mind. This emptiness is the essence of intelligence.

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