Meditation Is A Nuclear Explosion

Foolish are those who are seeking any system for meditation. What kind of system you expect for phenomena like nuclear explosion? Meditation happens exactly like an explosion, unexpectedly, always surprising, in one single moment, immensely powerful and in abundance. You cannot do anything about it; and you expect to go into it step by step. Your thoughts can not capture it. It does not leave even a shadow behind itself so you can analyze. Thought is a very small and fragile part of your consciousness. You can train it, modify it, reprogram it or make it still or disappear. Thought has no power to witness the meditation because meditation is an essence of the totality. In the immense bright light of meditation, all your consciousness goes naked whether it is hidden or open. It is not for those who are coward; want to go into it step by step, systematically, through methods, with the help of theories, with the help of religions, philosophies, seek assurance and logic.

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