A Letter to All Authors

The other day one was reading an article in a newspaper. The article was about the methods to become a good author. It was completely focused on reading more and more books. There were tips to read, and read more, and read more and more, and read more more and even more. Is it really necessary to read this much to write something good? What is the logic behind this entire thing?

There are a few things which one can understand very easily. If one want to write about any technical matter, then it is really good to read more books about that topic. If one wants to write about something like HTML coding, one must have a good knowledge about HTML and it is only possible if one reads a lot about HTML. Language is the other matter. One knows a lot of English words but not able to use those words to express one’s thoughts. Language itself becomes a barrier while writing about something new. Good books are really helpful to understand a language. One can learn the style, pattern and flow of any language from books.

One is so much thankful to all the books and their respected authors/writers. Books are really a great treasure. But authorship is not completely based on reading. It is much more complex yet simple. It is all about how much attention one pays to little details while observing. This is the most invaluable key. Everything seems so much ordinary, dull and old. It is so because one is not paying attention.

Today was a beautiful morning. The sky was cloudless and sun was shining so much clear. Its brightness was brilliant. The rays of sun were dancing and sparkling on every blade of grass. The sky was intensely blue having an essence of depth. One was watching and accepting this extraordinary beauty of nature. It is always there but cannot be seen without paying attention to it.

Attention must be clear and choice-less. It is important to understand about how one looks at something. Attention is affected by personal choices, likes and dislikes. These all things are a part of past memory or one can say a part of knowledge. A shoemaker does not pay attention to someone’s smile but always interested about shoes of other persons. His mind is attached, interested and bound in a certain kind of knowledge. He is not able to look something else than that.

Mind must be completely free from any interest, choice, like and dislike to observe something completely. It is an action of in-action. It is not a matter of choosing and denying something. And please don’t try to find any method to do so because it has no method. It is a natural process of mind. All methods are based on imitation; and all kinds of imitations strive for perfection. It simply means all methods are restless. It is totally opposite to the real thing.

It is so much difficult to explain the real world into dead words. When one says observation, don’t understand it as a search, analysis or exploration. When a mind is completely free from all the assertions and judgments, capable to observe the facts as they are.

Using more words to explain a living fact results more confusion. So it is good to stop here. My message is “Pay attention”. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “A Letter to All Authors”

  1. I love those moments when you stand up to speak with verve and conviction. So much courage, poetry, and empathy for the creators of living words. Thank you.

  2. I guess we were arguing on this the first time we talked! you were against any reference as it would bring out to be a copy of the other person’s writing. Well my thought has now come parall to you as I wanted to get inspired by the style and write in it but giving also my own lines, ideas. The point is to be new but not abandoning the old ways but also giving your new ideas . And about being an author or a writer – I want to be both! I want to find new ideas and write them in style! 😀

    1. I have read your many posts. Your words are able to capture the real beauty and meaning of a moment. I don’t know whether you have developed this excellence or nature has blessed you but you are amazing. You have a golden heart and as much as i know you, you don’t need any kind of reference or anything to write something beautiful. Keep writing my dear. Blessings and love for you forever.

  3. “It is so much difficult to explain the real world into dead words.”

    so true…
    and about my beliefs about writing with references; well i completely agree with you..
    references would bring out to be a copy of the other person’s writing.
    Writing comes from inside…
    Lot of efforts, concentration, observation is required to express things the way You want to convey…

    1. Thank you so much friend. This is what I wanted to say. I was using difficult and complicated words but you explained the whole thing in a few simple words. This is the real difference between an author and a poet. Poet has an ability to express the unexpressed. Beautiful. Love and blessings for you.

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