Meditation Has No Choice

Meditation and concentration are two different things. Not just different but almost opposite. Meditation is awareness. One cannot use the word “awareness about”, but just “awareness”. Because the word “about” is a kind of reference, a reference to something else. If there is any reference, any object or any thought to your awareness, it means your awareness is limited. A limited awareness is just a form of concentration, not meditation. In limited awareness there must be a choice, but meditation has no choice.

Concentration means paying your total attention to a particular choice. It can be anything. When we concentrate on a single thing, it means we are making a division between that particular thing and all other things. This division creates only disturbance. When mind wants to pay attention to a particular thing, everything else becomes a barrier into the movement. Mind continuously tries to hold the attention on that choice but the existence of all other things makes it impossible. This is just violence and creates more and more disturbance.

Total awareness comes into being when there is no division. Mind has no choice of its own. It is a totally different movement. It has no method, no way and no trick. It comes into being when the mind is clear, simple, free from all the psychological influences, alert without choice, free from all the methods.

But remember my words, meditation does not create reality. Reality is already there. Reality remains reality in all conditions. It does not depend on anything, it is totally free.

One thought on “Meditation Has No Choice”

  1. Meditation not create reality , but all spiritual master force to meditate and waste there time without knowledge of reality. Its true that reality is always with all , hence to say that all are liable to become that or other way “tatwamsi ” or ‘Aham brahmsmi “

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