A Cup of Tea Contains The Immeasurable

We can put this phenomena in a different way. The objects exist there already. The mind has no way to identify the objects other than measurements. Measurement is not related to the existence of an object but has a deep relation to identification of objects.

The whole process of identification is based on measurement. What can one say about the things which are immeasurable? Can the mind imagine or think the existence of an immeasurable thing?

If an object has a shape, it must be limited. The limits of an object create the shape. The shape of an object is directly related to measurement. And if measurement is possible, then mind can identify the object through comparison and difference. So one can say that the mind is not able to understand the limitless or immeasurable. The act of measurable is performed by the thoughts in one’s mind. Thoughts are limited and measurable, so thoughts can never go beyond their own limits.

Mind is able to understand the shapes but does it understand the content inside a shape. Shapes are just outside limits of an object but there is a content too inside the shape. Does the mind identify that content?

One can see a cup of tea very easily. One can identify the shape and color of cup. It is so much easy for the brain to understand the limits of cup.

The shape of cup contains an emptiness inside the limits. Without that emptiness the cup has of no use. You cannot pour tea or milk inside the cup if it does not contain emptiness. If we think deeply about the whole phenomena, can understand that the shapes are created just to hold the emptiness inside the cup. So, in reality, the cup is just an emptiness and nothing else.

The emptiness of cup cannot be measured directly by the brain. Emptiness is immeasurable, so the mind cannot identify it. To measure the emptiness of cup, the mind observes the shapes of cup. And out of measurement of shapes, mind just imagines the emptiness.

Cup of tea is a good example to understand the measurable and immeasurable. The shapes are measurable and the emptiness hold by shapes is immeasurable. We can understand the limits of mind by this example.

But it is not enough. Does the mind identify the content? It is really difficult to explain into words. How does the mind look at thoughts? How does the mind look at memory, fear, pain, idea, concept etc? How does the mind look the reality? Is it only considered with the outside? It is obvious that a thing is not just outside. If the mind is considered only with the outside, it is not looking the whole. It is overlooking something which is far more important than the shape.

How do you observe yourself? When you observe your mind or brain, do you look inside or just observe the outside shape? It seems so much simple but it is a great problem to understand the reality. Because the reality is not just a shape but a whole movement. A movement which is put together by measurable, immeasurable and just between the both.

Being aware of whole movement of reality, an understanding takes place that the mind itself is a barrier in between one and reality. There is no other barrier except the mind itself.

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