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Mind has a deep habit of comparison. All the activities performed by mind are bound by comparison. Comparison or measurement is one of the most important tool of mind.

I can see these words on this paper, only because the difference of colors between two. Paper is white and words are blue. Mind can compare these two colors very easily. And out of this comparison, mind is able to see the words. In this action, the mind pays attention to the difference. This is so much mechanical that one is not aware about the whole process. But it is happening all the time. If the words and paper are of same color, can mind see the words? No, it is not possible. It is not possible for the mind to see the words written by white inked pen on a white paper. There must be a little difference to perform the process of comparison.

This is not limited just for watching the objects, but covers many other activities of mind. How do we listen? Mind pays attention to variations in sound. If the sound has no variation, the mind cannot listen it. When we listen music or song, every word or beat has a silent space just before and after its presence. It is like a sound just between two “no-sounds”. So the mind can observe the sound by comparison in noise levels. If the sound is moving without any variation or change in level, the mind cannot listen it. If there is more than one sound in environment, then it is possible for the mind to listen a sound by comparison of that particular sound to other sounds.

When we take a sip of tea the mind measures the difference between the no-taste and the taste of tea to observe the sweetness of tea. Before taking a sip, the tongue has no taste on it. It is empty. It has no taste. When it comes in touch of sweetness of tea, it has a sweet taste on it. So the mind measures the difference of these two states. And out of this measurement, the mind observes the taste of tea. You can check this process by eating a little sugar just before taking a sip of sweet tea. This time, the taste of tongue will not change. There will be no difference in two states of before and after. So the mind will not be able to understand or observe the sweetness of tea.

You can see the process by deeply watching it. You will find this habit of comparison in every movement of mind. Mind does it all the time without any problem. It is completely a mechanical process. It is not bound by thoughts but happens at its own.

Comparison, measurement or difference is not the real thing.  All of these are created by or invented by thoughts. Object A and object B are real but the difference between the two is just an invented idea of thoughts.

It is important to understand that what our mind sees. What is the thing which is visible to mind? Is it the real things or just the measurements and differences? In the first example of white paper and blue inked words, what we see? Do we see the white paper or its different identity than other objects? Do we see the blue inked words or its difference to the white paper? If there is a difference between paper’s color and ink’s color, then words are visible. Can the words exist without this difference? Think about it in a more rational and deeper way. Can the words exist if there is no difference between the colors of ink and paper? One can understand very easily that words cannot exist in this condition. So, can we say that words are not a different object but just a difference of colors? Can we say that words don’t have any identity other than just a difference of colors? Words exist only if difference exits. Are the words actual and real things or just visible to the mind as a result of comparison of two other objects?

And out of all this we can put a serious question that is the mind able to see the things directly or just looks the difference. If there is a difference the mind can see it. If there is no difference, the mind cannot see it. So can we say, the mind always looks the differences, not the objects? What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Mind & Measurement”

  1. Very nice presentation of contrast mind !!! the comparison and measurement is food of contrast mind , hence he seen the difference and also taken credit ( Ego )Very subtle point of mind present here and if we understand it will became separate from subject and object !!! Definitely touch with reality !!! Thanks for posting !!!

  2. _/_ namaste Sir, Really nice and Good Article. Sir you are great person…

    i think Comparison and Measurement is our nature.. because if their is any Vitamin deficiency, body cause Disease .. Does Body is not comparing Vitamin level to its normal … if not so then how body know these presence deficiency of vitamin.
    i think Comparison and Measurement is supporting many functions in our body, such as Blood-pressure,Respiration,Body Temperature,Liquid ,Blood Glucose content …. etc…

    am i right…?

    waiting for your response…

    Thank you….

    1. Hello dear.

      Yes, it is possible. I don’t know about this. There can be two questions on observation.

      1. What is happening?
      2. How is it happening?

      “How” is a technical term and it deals knowledge to go into it.
      “What” is not a technical term. It is deal of freedom to see. It needs understanding.

      “What” am I thinking. It is easy to know directly. And it brings understanding and clarity.
      “How” am I thinking. It needs a deep study of Psychology. It brings knowledge and conclusions.

      Knowledge and Understating…. both are important on different levels.


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