Questioning The Truth

A friend has asked that what truth is. She has raised so many questions about the truth. This question is not related to only one person but everyone. Almost every person who is able to think is interested to know the answer of this question.

Before entering into the answer I want to understand the question completely. Do we understand the meaning of this question? What one expects when one puts this question? I have this diary on my table. Is it truth? I have this pen in my hand. I can feel everything around me. I can watch everything in this room. Is it truth? Are we talking about this truth or is there something different from all this? If there is a different truth than this truth, we must find the validity of that truth. Should we ask, why does the mind think about that truth? Why does the mind assume the existence of that truth? The existence of this diary, pen, table, chair, room is an absolute fact. One can feel and touch this fact. One can understand the reality and truth of all this easily. But why does the mind has an assumption of a different truth?

Everyone is talking about the truth but no one knows the reality. This constant talking about the truth has made this word polluted. This word has so many meanings, affected by different religions, affected by many ideas, theories, concepts, philosophies and all the rest of it. Sometimes I try to ignore the use of this word. This word has become meaningless. Let us put a different name for this word. I would like to denote this truth as X.

So the question is, why does the mind assume the existence of X? We live in a very confused way. We have so many problems, conflicts and confusions in our life. This life has become a chaos. We want the solution; we want the answer to all our problems, to all our conflicts. The war, violence, greed, hatred etc. are not only problems but there so many other problems too, related to religion, god, love, beauty, existence etc.

Mind has so many questions to deal with. Mind tries to find out an answer for a particular problem, for a particular question or conflict and in this process it finds the presence of more questions. We solve the one problem and a new problem is ready to meet us. This is a circle. One looks at the problem, tries to solve it and this process creates more problems. Mind has become totally restless due to all this. It seems an endless process with no certain end. Mind does not find any kind of security in all this chaos and wants to get rid of all this. Mind wants to get rid of all the conflicts, confusions and problems. Then the mind puts a big question that what this all is. Mind knows very well that there are endless questions and solving them one by one is not a possible solution. So the mind puts a total question about everything. Mind assumes that there must be an answer; an ultimate answer to all the questions. Mind assumes that by knowing that ultimate answer it will be totally free from everything. It will be free from all the conflicts, confusions, sorrows, miseries and the chaos of life. So the mind is interested to know that answer. We had denoted that answer as X.

There is no need to agree or disagree with me but think about it. We have two points in this whole discussion. First point, we have a confused mind, full of problems and conflicts. A mind which is constantly chasing the questions, constantly thinking about the problems but is not able to find an end to all this. And the second point, we have a point X. Mind has created this point X. Mind assumes this point as an ultimate answer to everything. Mind created and wants to know this point to get rid of all the chaos. So we have to points. First point is an absolute fact and the other point is an assumption by the first point.

It is not possible to start a discussion which is based on assumption. So we will discuss on the first point which is a fact and we will go deeper into the fact. We will go to the very end of all this mystery. We will not only find out the truth but the truth of the truth too.

I will think about it tomorrow.

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  1. Myself feeling happy that real question about mystery of truth on board and nice discussion will be start not we both but all truth seekers. This is sign of healthy view about exact truth . Which is real need in everybody life !!!!Thanks !!!!

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