The Validity of Questions

The pain is going on in one’s brain. It is more intense on the right side of head. Almost one inch under the surface. It is not static but rather a movement. It is not lying there but moving back and forth in a subtle path. Mind is leaving the individual identity and entering into a new dimension. A new dimension which is not a part of particular mind but a universal mind. A dimension which is not put together by thoughts but already exists there.

There are so many questions in one’s mind. Mind is a very cunning device. It can create illusions for those questions which are not even valid. Questions are very helpful to find out the fact out of anything but it is so much important to check the validity of question before going into answer. Mind has a very limited knowledge. It is not able to understand the new. It always follows the old pattern. Because of this limited knowledge of mind, it becomes more important to put a valid question to adjust into the process of thinking.

One is receiving many questions from readers via email. It is not possible to answer all questions because most of the questions are invalid. The answer of an invalid question can never be right.

A reader has asked about the method to find out the God. Now before going into the answer one must analyze the validity of question. To do so, we will put more questions on this particular question. The question is “What is the method to find out the God?” Before going into the answer one wants to ask that “Does God exist or not?” If one does not think about the existence of God and tries to find out the method to find the God, mind will produce many illusions in the name of methods. If God does not exist then there is no use of the method to find out the God. If God does not exist then the question is invalid. Are you sure about the existence of God? How do you know that God exist? Is your knowledge just a part of past memory which is developed out of experiences and events?

Mind is just like a cunning doctor who does not understand the disease of patient but writes medicines for him. If you will give an invalid question to mind, it will surly give you answer. Mind does not care about the question and directly jump into the answer. Mind is a machine like a computer. The computer does not care about the data input but always gives the answer. So it is the first condition to put the right data input to find out the right answer.

All methods are just patterns of thinking. A thinking which is put together by thoughts. If God exist then; is it possible to reduce God into one’s thoughts. Because mind cannot be aware of anything which is not reduced to knowledge which is a collection of thoughts.

One can understand with this; it is important to find out the fact of existence of God; because a question which is not based on fact creates more illusions more confusions.

A reader has asked about the death. His direct question is “What is death?” Before going into this question, reader must think about the life. Reader does not understand the life which is a present movement, which is available now; and he wants to jump into the matter of death. Is it possible to understand the death without understanding the life? What is that thing which is going on as life? So the question of death is not valid, and reader should ask what that movement which is going on as life is. The discontinuity of that movement is end of life which is called death.  So that movement is the fundamental mystery, not the death.

Answers are not important but the questions have all the power. If one can put the valid question which has no answer is the most significant phenomena. Did you understand this? Is there any valid question which has no answer? Can you put that question?

10 thoughts on “The Validity of Questions”

    1. Facebook like button is meaningless option. I don’t have much readers from facebook. Almost 90% of readers are from outside. Facebook users are not not serious enough to read these kind of articles.

  1. The great blog on validity of question.Its real that anybody not known about existence of God .But everybody on way searching and questioning about existence of God Hence the great market of gurus are
    are available. However people just try to search in intellectual level
    Now just God searching just as recipe of any food on TV show,and that foods ready to eat and imagine the test of food!!!!

    1. Yes you are right. Everyone is doing so. Everyone is searching answers for invalid questions. Today I received 2 more questions. One question is that how can we open our third eye & the other is how can we detach our soul from our body. Now see the sense of these questions. The questioner has a presumption about third eye & soul; and out of that presumption he is asking these questions. These questions are based on assumptions, not on facts. So what can one tell them?

      1. People wait for just miracle !!! Hence these type question asked . But in real its need to be increase awareness among people .

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