Problems Are Not Problems

I got an invitation from a friend to take part in a discussion. The discussion is about Buddha’s birthplace. I don’t know why everyone wants to argue about this matter. Many intellectuals will gather in this discussion and will put their opinions and logic to decide something. I wonder why they waste time in this kind of stupidity. I want to ask simply, is this related to fundamental problems of man? One cannot find anything out of these kinds of discussions. We are living in a world which is full of problems. We face so many problems in our daily life, in every minute. Our life has become a complete disorder and we are crossing all the limits of insanity. Can one find out the solution of our fundamental problems out of these discussions? The answer is no; absolutely no.

It is more important to discuss on our present situations, on our present problems, which are far more real (I think), more urgent, instead of wasting time in arguments about the past. This very moment is the only thing that we have, but we are not aware of it. We are wasting this precious moment in thinking about the past. Why are we not taking it seriously? Why do we always think in past and future? What is the problem with this present? People do so called meditations, practice different kind of methods, read million books to be in the present moment. Why it has become so much difficult to be in present; why it has become so much difficult to live in this moment? The present moment is available but we not able to live it, past and future is not available now, but we live in these two all the time. Don’t you think it is weird? Have you ever thoughts about it that why is it so difficult to live in this available moment? Is it because our present moment is full of darkness? We don’t have any hope here. Our thoughts do not find security and feel uncomfortable. What is the reason behind it?

And why do we discuss on superficial problems instead of thinking about the real problems? I think the problems are not problems; but problem is that we don’t pay attention to our real problems. We think that it is not possible to find out the solution of our fundamental problems; and we are living in this disorder; we have accepted this disorder; we have accepted disorder as a way of life. Our mind does not go far when we think about our real problems; it is full of fear and confusions. It is so much difficult to deal with it. Then we create another petty issues; tiny superficial problems. And we pay our whole attention; spend our whole time to think about those man-made problems; and we think we are doing a very important work. We use those superficial problems just to play with; just to escape from the reality. I don’t know what this is all about.

What do you say about this? Think about it deeply.

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      1. After conversation on phone feeling is become very free,and now feeling nothing more any kind of sadhana and will to achieve more !!! however how and what kind of happiness start in life after possession of personal life by that power !!!

  1. Excellent points, and very well written article. I will address the points as per my opinion in sequence of topics you have listed. Indeed people get lost in the essence of matters and stick to trivial details. Birth place of Buddha is only important perhaps for scholars and historians as they record events for future generations, and as much information as possible, should be stored. However, I understand what you are referring to and I totally agree and I would only add to that, the following : perhaps part of the reason why some people are obsessed about the birth place of Buddha is that they want to take the “fame and glory” to claim him for their own as a symbol of pride and heritage! While the fact of the matter is, that such people, during all history, always shared their wisdom to / for the WORLD and ALL OF HUMANITY ….. so, if such people were alive today, and a reporter would ask them where do you belong to, their answer would probably be “I belong to the world and humanity”.

    Indeed excellent point and detail that WHY do we live in the past and future and not the present? It is a GREAT dilemma, which is exactly why so many scholars have written about it and cautioned us to focus and live in the present, instead of the past or future. Although the reason is certainly not the same for everyone, I think it is possible to generalise broadly that people live in the past, because they either can not get over their mistakes (which is probably still affecting their current life directly or indirectly) OR, their past was better than their present, so they have a nostalgic and romantic reminiscence with it! While the solution for both is, solve your past problems asap, NOW, so they don’t affect you, and make your present as beautiful or better than the past. There are even those who live in the past, because they have reached a certain age and they miss their youth and the perks of youth! This is also often a problem, because to age GRACEFULLY means that at any instance in life, you take advantage and benefit from all you have accumulated with your age and benefit from it to live your life NOW and in accordance. About the future, I think it is natural basic human instinct to worry about the unknown and uncertain, and this is an issue that I can say it makes more sense. We live in a world where increasingly the future is uncertain, and the effects could be grave, whether it is about our job or financial security / situation, or the future of our children due to the extreme bombardment of various info, advertisements and trends by media or peers in various environments, or any other of the MANY potential uncertainties or unknowns of the future. However, wise men/women during all history have already told us the answer to this : do your absolute best now, and you have already done all you can, and do not worry about the future, as it has not arrived yet. A quote I personally love very much is this : TODAY, IS THE TOMORROW YOU WERE SO WORRIED ABOUT YESTERDAY, AND ITS NOT THAT BAD! Indeed, by worrying about the future, we miss the opportunity of enjoying or LIVING in the present, as well as making today CONSTRUCTIVE to its full potential, for our own future!!!! As history and the work of scholars prove to us, this has been an all time dilemma and obsession of humanity, otherwise it would not have been addressed so frequently by philosophy. I must admit, that it is easier said than done, BUT, just because something is more easier to say than to do, does not change the fact that it is TRUE or the best or correct solution!

    Excellent point that why do we spend time arguing over superficial problems? Generally speaking, again, there are many reasons, but I think it is possible to generalise it into 2 categories as follows: (1) at the MACRO level, we as a society find the major and big issues too big and too difficult to solve, hence we comfort ourselves (actually trick and fool ourselves) by focusing on issues and perspectives where it is easy to give some kind of answer, even if it is wrong or silly or superficial, simply because we feel we have addressed important issues and are contributing to “solution of problems”. Other than society itself, we have our so called “leaders and politicians” and that in general, is usually a much more dirty business! They use the smoke screen and trivial topics and issues to keep the mind of the masses busy, and avoid addressing fundamental problems, whether it is domestic policy / issues, OR, foreign and international policy / issues. This is crystal clear and can not be denied. Sadly, the masses can very EASILY be swayed into their desired direction, by touching sensitive points like patriotism and nationalism and solidarity and many other things. Truth is, while those are noble values, it is a SIN to follow them BLINDLY! One must always think if they are correct or not? If they are NOT correct, then it does not matter who says them! Also, there is one “ism” which is higher and most noble among ALL the “ism”-s mentioned above ….. that is called HUMANISM! What is wrong for humanity, is not right for a nation! Even scholars of ancient times have said this, and here I would quote Sa’adi of Shiraz, who said in the 13th century AD that : “humanity [humans] are parts and organs of the same body, if one part hurts, then the whole body is in pain and discomfort”! …. I can not leave this topic by not giving this example about how the politicians fool the public: I remember the first Gulf War of 1990, it was called “Operation Freedom or Liberation Kuwait” and it was presented EVERYWHERE as the world bringing justice to Iraq who had invaded Kuwait, and ANY questions about oil were fiercely and firmly denied by politicians!!!! Patriotism was fuelled by politicians under the umbrella of “support our troops”, and as a female politician mentioned on a news channel “our beautiful sons and daughters are being killed to liberate Kuwait”. Well, fact of the matter is, that around 40% of the global oil supply comes from that region! Reconstruction of Kuwait was done by the same powers who “liberated” it, via lucrative contracts, and a new base was established in the region for “stability” which certain countries pay for its presence, nice way to save on military budget! And I also don’t see ANY enthusiasm from the same politicians to mobilise such a great army, force, money, time, media attention and many other things to any “Operation Freedom or Liberty of Poor or Geo-Strategically Less Important Country” ….. I wonder why is that????? ….. At that time, Saddam Hussein suddenly became a violent tyrant and dictator, while he was supported till 1988 by the SAME powers in its’ 8 year war against Iran by finances, weapons, intelligence, media propaganda etc to weaken Iran as a regional power …. how quickly a dear friend and ally can become a violent tyrant and dictator!!!! …… (2) at the MICRO level, we as individuals try to care about the world and things that happen around us. The more “educated” we are, the more we seem to be aware of the importance of this matter, that awareness and caring about important issues, is an important part of being a human. However, we have the same problems as society does, only it is different on an individual level: we find it much more easier to tackle smaller and simpler issues, or, bigger issues on a superficial level, than to handle and address the much more serious and bigger and important issues. Hence, AGAIN, we comfort ourselves, or in reality trick and fool ourselves by obsessing over trivial and superficial things, simply because it is easier to address those and get to a conclusion and make up our mind. It is a great comfort for the mind and conscience to “reach a conclusion”, it puts a full stop and point, an end to an issue that bothers our conscience, and lets it relax and have peace, even if it is done by fooling our own conscience, which in other words, means exactly killing the purpose of its’ existence!!!!!! But sadly, we are very eager to get to this easy solution, while we pay a very high price for it, which is IGNORANCE, and by doing so, we bring down serious issues to a low and unfitting level, not only in our own eyes, but also in the mind and eyes of everyone we are in contact with, and discuss such issues or exchange opinions. We belittle the most sacred things, from thought and philosophy, to religion, principles of life, current events, global issues in all areas and everything that we “think” or in reality would like to fool ourselves that we care and are concerned about! That is a sad, ugly, and bitter truth.

    Obviously, your beautiful article has many many many more topics that you have touched and mentioned, and I just shared my thoughts on the main group of topics you have noted. Indeed, as you very wisely and eloquently stated, there are MANY questions listed, that we should think about them DEEPLY!
    Have a nice day 🙂

  2. problems are the wrong questions in the desert of the symbolic order. Many stupid lifeforms are engaged in meaningless cultural projects which are not about physical integrity but rather trivia.
    the right questions arise in the deepest memory, a vibrant now. We have to understand our bodies are cultural mass graves, we damage it in so many ways and we even reduce it to a legal sextoys xD. We are vulgar human animals monsters, yet we keep interacting in fantasy, in social entities instead of having more smell to it… So yeah… conceptual fog. The thoughts from the deep are not emancipated. It’s not that there is a barrier between ‘god’, ‘nature’ of even the technological ‘objects’ whose have created a great attention-disorder who many live as so called ‘life’. There are many non-activated subjects. People who are not aware they are living as a stranger in a book in some unnamable library that can be more stirred for some fun chemical reactions. If more people become aware or a rebel of consciousness it will be more about craft, trained and untrained.

    Identity: the ‘I’ will disappear and be no more. but the land which I will roam now will not change..

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