Is Meditation An Escape?

September 7, 2012 Pain

The pain is so much intense and wandering through all the veins of brain. It is almost unbearable. One is looking at this pain without the feeling to resist or surrender to it. The movement is so much strong and intense. One can see the strange vastness of this movement. Thoughts are not recording this because it is not coming under these ordinary senses.

 September 8, 2012 Meditation

Is meditation a part of our daily life? Or is it a different work that we do apart from our daily life? People do meditation on a fixed place and on a fixed time. It has become as a habit of reading a newspaper. If meditation is a part of life then why one needs a different schedule to do this? If meditation is not a part of life then what is the significance of doing this? Is it a kind of escape from our daily life? Our daily life is so much bored, so much confused and full of problems. So we try to escape from all these problems through meditation. Is it so? I don’t know.

We are fed up with this life. We invent a life after death too. We put all our hopes in that life. And no one knows whether that life exist or not; but it is a kind of pleasure or escape from fear to imagine that life. This is so funny. We want a new kind of experience. We seek this new experience in many ways. We read books, watch movies, make new relations, visit different places to seek something new in life, to enter into a new dimension, to enjoy a different life than this daily routine. Is it an escape from the reality? We don’t try to understand the present life; we keep it avoiding and always seek something different from this. Our mind is so much mechanical and becomes accustomed to every new thing.

We like a flower plant; we purchase it and bring it to our home. We put it on a table just near our study section. We look it and think about the beauty of it. In three or four days, our eyes, our mind, become accustomed to that beauty. Our mind is so much mechanical and creates the pattern of habit through every experience. The flower plant, which was so much beautiful for us, now just an ordinary object in the room. Then we go out in search of a new plant. And this becomes a habit of our mind to do it again and again without understanding the reality behind this.

And then a person comes to us and tells about some transcendental experience, explains us few tricky methods to feel the same. We practice those methods and think that we can escape from this life. It is so much well explained and presented that an average person cannot see the stupidity or doing all this.

September 9, 2012 Simplicity

Beauty cannot be seen by practice. It deals an extraordinary simplicity of mind. There is no method or way to meet this simplicity. It is just there as it is. The more you will try to make a mind simple, the more it will become cunning. Simplicity takes place only when all desires, all seeking, conflicts, confusions and methods come to an end by their own. Remember the words “by their own”, not with the force of any outside entity, not with the force of any cunning device or method. It is a natural phenomenon. Words are so much limited to explain it.

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